Life Supermarket

    I'd assume this is one of our last few memorable dinner before everything ends. Literally, and metaphorically. This time it is you who know what I love, and you actually threw this into the itinerary.
    Our own songs, the words, your lips, our kisses. It felt more like a bittersweet coming of age romance movie that ends on a sad note. But some movies are great as it is, and we don't need no sequel to ruin it.

    Life Supermarket

    Call me old, but I actually love Supermarket & IKEA dates. Going through groceries, buying what we may not need, snacking on the couch, pizzas on bed, eating and shopping at IKEA on our dates. This has always been me.

    There's something about the convenient food and the microwave that makes up the Japanese Culture, and for this, we kinda fit right into there. It is nice to note that there's a quiet mall (very local style) right across the sky tree town. We decided to give it a go because I'd love to have a different dining experience. And while walking over, I'd know this would be my favourite one.

    Life Supermarket Vegetables

    We're just in time to catch the dinner crowd this time for people watching, to fit into the stampede of trolleys, policing through the different aisle and stocking up with groceries. It's interesting to "trolley watch" for once. To note what cereal certain people take, or a cart that trial off with bottles of soda. There's even one with hams, wraps and afew balls of lettuce.

    We're sometimes so caught up that we barely notice what's around us. We'd barely live. I looked at the sections of fresh food, where there is mist blowing across the vegetables, keeping it fresh, the colors of the sashimis are screaming from the canvas of display, as the red danced with the led light, not letting the cling wrap stopped them from being any less than who they are.

    The colours of the convenience store felt so vivid. I took out my GoPro for abit, to record down the moments; our moments. I like grocery vlogs with you, of how we sometimes danced across the aisle, goofing around. I think our personalities, just kinda fit. Kinda... fit.

    I took a deep breath out of the moment before sinking in any further. Sometimes it is indeed hard to keep going down memory lane as I found myself having a bunch of distractions ready by the sidelines in case I need an emergency escape.

    The indie music blared on, with the autoplay as if knowing of our departure, putting on a sad tune. I went on to write some haikus, before taking a breath and going back in again.

    Life Supermarket

    We took a bunch of sashimi! boy, I do love the variety of sushi and ready-made microwavable food. We head off to check out, sneaking our way across the people who're still shopping, hoping that we beat them to it. And we got ourselves a seat fortunately amongst the crowd.

    Life Supermarket

    I love how there's a dining/seating area, with 2 microwaves at the sides. I looked around and see how it all felt like a culture altogether. The tables are spaced out widely so that we can park trolley or place our shopping hauls right beside us without obstructing any human traffic.

    Life Supermarket

    You came back with some hot pipping food and I took a look around at the families, couples and friends who're dining, and together, collectively it felt as if collectively... we all raise our beer cans/sakes and gave a toast to the end of the day. As if taking our time to unwind, retreating into our tiny tablespace of a comfort zone, talking just within ourselves. I unwrapped the sushi, placed the cutleries perfectly for us. A dinner less than 1500 Yen if I remembered correctly.

    Life Supermarket Food

    This would be something I'd always do whenever I'll be back in Japan. Call it a remembrance of you, call it anything. But this is something, just something, that is really special to me.


    Name: Life Supermarket
    Mall: (LIFE Central Square Oshiage Ekimae) ライフ セントラルスクエア押上駅前店
    Address: Japan, 〒131-0045 Tokyo, Sumida City, Oshiage, 1 Chome−10−3 1F B1F
    Opening Hours: 9:30AM–11:00PM

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