Lanterns & Murals of Chinatown

    I had been to Chinatown various times, but I have never once taken a shot, nor had I wandered across the street like a tourist.
    I decided to give it a shot while I had some time (around 45mins) as I was early for my meeting.

    Chinatown Lanterns Street

    I took out my phone and started snapping the unusual architecture after putting on the "tourist" hat. I went to various stores only to have shopkeepers trying to get my attention. Sure these areas can be commercialized, but walk further down and you'll find several interesting stores that sell something more unique compared to the commodity of magnets, phone cases, and luggage tags.

    Chinatown Street Shops

    Chinatown is incredibly huge, and there's so much more to explore.
    Don't miss out the pawn shops and the cash converter while you weave through this little porcelain maze.
    There are also various malls from People's Park to China Square Central that shouldn't be missed either!
    So if you ever have time to check out Chinatown, don't just spend 30minutes walking across the lantern street and leave.
    Explore the various malls that stood beyond times, and walk through the old, there's also a gigantic "Chinese Supermarket".
    Search for "First Emporium & Supermarket Pte Ltd" if you would like to take a look.
    I walked on only to find myself stumbling into another building of shops and I even manage to find a unique Squirtle luggage tag and plush to get for my beloved brother.
    Upon leaving, I can upon a glimpse of a mural that can barely be seen from the main street. Right off the alley stood some colored walls that whispered art. I investigated right away and I found several of them across the alley.

    Murals at Chinatown

    I instantly took up my phone and started snapping again while in awe.
    These mural "rebel" against the culture here and contrasted so brightly.
    You wouldn't expect to find these in the streets of Singapore with our strict confines of the law. I wandered around more and before I know it, I hit the end of the alleyway where the art sadly ends.
    It was still, nevertheless an interesting experience for me while I roam around Chinatown, exploring it for the first time.

    Chinatown Asian Mural

    Most people might have missed out the little shops, or might not even know that there's a mural, but try looking for these little easter eggs, and you'll find your trip to Chinatown a little more beautiful ~

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