Kuala Lumpur: Batu Caves

Since we went on without a plan, Batu is actually one of the hidden gems that we accidentally uncovered on our journey there.
We headed over via a cab, (you should use grab if you’re ever traveling around Kuala Lumpur, *it’s safe and cheap). And upon reaching the giant statue took our breath away. Standing Infront of the mountains stands the gigantic 42metres tall Lord Murugan statue which graced the skies. This magnificent titan really adds a really unique touch to the whole Batu Caves experience as there is a temple inside as well.

We saw the Batu Caves Expedition Experience at the left side of the mountains and decided to check that out. And in a spur of spontaneousness we decided to go for the Batu Cave “Dark Tour”, and little did I know, this would mark the first of my many cave exploration in the future.

We waited patiently by the front entrance alongside with a few others.
Helmets were then distributed before we were being briefed. How we should walk carefully and always keep our flashlights on the ground as shining it up might alarmed and shocked the bats. 
The punishment? Chance of getting pooped on by bats. 

Batu Caves Natural Stalactites

We were lined up in rows of 2 before slowly walking into the cave, the size of the opening is generous so we actually have ample space to move about. However, after 5 minutes in, we were enveloped by absolute darkness. Beams of lights shot across the caves as visitors from all over the world dart their eyes from the natural limestones to reading the details engraved on the board. 

It was a simple long stretch of a walk and we ended up at the other side of the cave where a beautiful beam of light shot down from the skies landing on several rubbles, which marks the end and the final highlight of the tour. This is also the “photo spot” for everyone as the whole group queue up in a line for photo time before moving back to the entrance.

It was indeed, a lot safer than I thought, as being the conserved guy before, I didn’t dare to take leaps, jump or even run towards adventures. I guess I was a little too fearful then. But now that I’d seen things from the other side, they don’t seem as scary anymore. 

Batu Caves Highlights

Of course, you still have to proceed with caution and make sure you walk carefully by shining the lights on the ground. You won’t want to be tripping over anything as it is really dangerous to fall in the dark.

(Website: batucaves.org)

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