Jeonpo Cafe Street

    A misadventure of a random bus ride leads us to Seomyeon to kill time, and after the satisfying dinner at Lotte Mall, we decided to take a little walk along to streets to walk off some calories. It is actually amusing to find that "non-smoking area", aren't taken seriously by the locals. The designated "smoking area", is actually a "non-smoking area", as we are amused to find locals smoking away, oblivious to the smoking sign. Well, do what the locals do, right?

    We found out that there's a Cafe Street nearby, but we didn't manage to get much information online. We were actually searching for "Seomyeon Cafe Street", and "Busan Cafe Street", instead which didn't give us much of a hit. We came across 2 blog post which leads us to what it seems to be a clubbing district for one, and the latter manage to lead us to the right spot. After finding out the actual name, you'll be able to find yourself at Jeonpo Cafe Street, (or rather, said Cafe Street), at Jeonpo Station's Exit 7.

    Jeonpo Cafe Street

    We were there pretty late after the looping and the distraction of a window shopping. But there are however several cafes which caught our eyes and we'd reckon would be pretty nice should we have time to cafe hop.

    Jeonpo Cafe Street Coffee Museum

    Near the "entrance" of the cafe street, is this majestic cafe plus "coffee museum". This newly opened museum feature close to 300 coffee-related times, from brewing trinkets to instruments. And admission's free, so this would probably add an extra punch to your visit to Jeonpo Cafe Street!

    Jeonpo Cafe Street Map

    After reading the information board, it is amazing to learn that the Jeonpo Cafe Street is the only place in Korea listed on the "52 Places to Go" in 2017 from NY Times. Cafe lovers would definitely love this place due to the diverse choices available! And hopefully, with this write up, we could help share more information regarding Busan's Jeonpo or "Seomyeon" Cafe Street online! Here is also a map from the tourist information board that I'll like to share.


    Name: Jeonpo Cafe Street / Seomyeon Cafe Street
    Address: 92 Dongcheolro, Jeonpo-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea
    Opening Hours: varies

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