It Doesn't Takes a lot to Travel

    “Who doesn’t like to travel?”

    “But everything is so expensive, the flights, the hotels, and everything”

    “There are several ways to save. And you can also use a simple travel jar when you’re back home”


    I can’t express how many times such situation has happened between me and several friends who had been complaining that they want to travel-but...

    I decided to stepped away as I didn’t mean nor do I mean to start a fight.

    As human as we are, our self-defence mechanisms would kick up whenever our decisions or thoughts are challenged in one way or another.


    This is just us. And we are pretty good at making excuses.

    Some of us aren’t meant to be.

    To be out there. To leave our comfort zone. It’s fine of course to stay. Because who can be the judge of everything. But if one claims he or she has to see, then they shouldn’t let anything stop them.


    I do have my own reserves and concerns. I do also have my own fear, insecurities and beyond which what holds me back most of the time too.


    Money itself is definitely going to be a concern. And as an entrepreneur, I’m sometimes just making end meets. However, I didn’t let anything stop me. I went on over to Taiwan for 2 months and I spend less than 1.6k for my trip. (Inclusive of flights) My hostel can cost from $6 to $12 a night.

    Sometimes I met nice people who host me. And most of the time, my cost would be covered while I was doing a workaway overseas.


    Here’s the tip to travel the world in a budget. SAVE.

    Save everything.

    Save your expenses, your accommodations, everything.


    I took the cheapest flight out.

    I took up workaway so I don’t have to worry about my accommodations.

    I didn’t indulge in restaurants.


    A lot of people would have counter argued, and said that they can’t do this, or they can’t do that. But in reality, they just don’t want to.


    “Why would I wanna travel to suffer?”


    If it’s such a torture, I’d say, then you could probably save up for that luxurious travel you want, and still not let anything stop you still.


    I didn’t have a hotel room to myself, but in return I’d forged countless friendships that would last for several lifetime.

    I didn’t indulge in restaurants and buffets but the cheap local eats allow me to experience the deep local culture.

    I didn’t go to expensive attractions, but simple ones with my new found friends are my favourites stories to tell now.


    You might feel alittle helpless on the flight segment, but know that other than that, most of our travel expenses are within our control.


    You have one life. To do what you want, what makes you happy, to go whenever you seek, to breathe the air of Paris, danced along the plaza of Seville, waltz through the busy streets London, whichever it may be.


    Just know that, you deserve so much more.

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