Thanks to KonMari, I Spoke to My Books Today

    Yes, this is the story of how I tried out the KonMari's book tidying method and what I "told" my books.  

    I owned an array of books, consisting of mostly novels that I have bought mostly from Bargain Alley where I buy cheap books on sale. The Bargain Alley did spark a lot of “joy” for me whenever I find a “steal”, and I’ll leave Kinokuniya in triumph while I may have unknowingly spent around $10 on 4-6 books.

    I do read some, however, some are left to collect dust. And before the Konmari Method, I simply just either give it away to recycling or send it to random people for good cause.

    While reading Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy, one might felt that she might have bought it up a notch when she started communicating with objects. There is a certain beauty in believing that all things have life, though it is considered not in the spectrum of the norm. I decided to try out after reading and even decided to give the method a little "sweet upgrade".

    So here is how it went.

    “Hey, you! (smiles)

    I know it may be hard, to be there always waiting for me to revisit. While some of your friends are left untouched (strokes the book by the binds and start to spring through the pages)

    Thank you for coming into my life, and telling me these incredible stories. I can never be grateful enough for all these tales that accompanied me at night. 

    Thank you for being here. But now it’s my turn to give back to you. Instead of just giving you to the recycling company, I wish to do you better. I want to give you a new life, to someone who would read, and from there, I’ll encourage the person to give it on to the next person who would read, and the next and the next. I want your stories to always be told.

    I hope you would be happy and excited about all the people you’ll meet, and the love you’ll receive. And I hope the happiness would be shared with everyone who takes part in giving you a new life.

    I would start by writing my name down, so you would be able to keep track of how many people you’d met! And here is to the start of your journey!


    Please be happy!
    Always and forever (:

    (closed book)

    And here's what I wrote on the cover of the book to share the joy and hopefully it'll get handed down over the years to keep the happiness and the book alive.

    KonMari Book Method

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    Took me awhile to notice this, but I’m happy to hear that you’d gotten a little project going! Happy to share your project if you’re still on this!


    Hi! Just want to say thank you for sharing this!
    Because of you, I have started a small project with my friend to write and draw on the front page of the book before we give them away too. The world should never stop giving..

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