HER: Taichung

    I met Taichung in the strangest way ever. I got off the night bus still feeling a little lethargic. She waltzes towards me with her hands behind her back, while swaying playfully to the sides. She hopped to a halt and stuck out her hands.

    “Hello, INFJ! I'm an INFJ too ahaha.”

    And that’s how I met Taichung.

    The National Theater beanie sat on her head, as she tugged her beanie down, trying to keep it from flying away into the wind. And Her Fengchia hair clip gently held the back of her hair together. I noticed she wore a Yizhong batwing denim jacket, with various iron-on patches from places she’d been. She was also wearing a simple navy tee, together with a 921 jeans of a similar shade. Her dreamy Gaomei Sneakers comes with the galaxy design, with the patterns of the sun and the moon. I could also spot a Flora EXPO ring on her fingers.

    Maybe we have the same personality type, but Taichung felt like home. She’s the sort of petite and independent girl that who doesn’t need anyone to take care of, yet you just want to protect her from anyone else. But in the end, she would probably be the one taking care of you instead.

    I spent an amazing 3 days with Taichung, where she brought me to many places. We waltzed under the cherry blossoms, watched the sun sets behind the cascades of mountains, took a cable car up into the skies and cruise around night market while exchanging stories from the past and present. I even manage to pull her to accompany me to watch the sunset at the roof of Qianyue’s building.

    After 3 days, Taichung told me she has to go. And just like her favorite fairytale, she left a piece of her with me. She took out her fine arts museum bangle and wrap it around my hand, asking me to take care of myself, to move on and have fun in my journey ahead. Deep inside, I didn’t want to leave. I thought I found home. Part of me know I have to go, yet part of me know I have to stay. She told me stories of her favorite cousin, Pingtung, whom she addresses her by her nickname Kenting. And for that, I’m dying to meet her.

    I see her to the Totoro Bustop to see her off. It felt like time stopped for a bit as I could watch her lips part as if wanting to say something but smiled instead. My eyes welled up and I looked away smiling awkwardly. I think sometimes, we just don’t want to ruin it.

    Her bus came and we bid goodbye. 


    And I’ll definitely see Taichung again.
    Perhaps... Surely...

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