HER: Seoul

    Seoul is a very different girl from what you think.

    You might think her blue hair and flamboyant fashion sense might tell you how much of a shopaholic and a basic girl she is.
    Or how her petite build might lead you to think that she has princess syndrome.
    But I daresay not.

    Over the 10 days with Seoul, she is like a friend from the distant land you wish you have. She'll be the girl in the university that would run towards you and wrap her right arm over your neck while asking you why you didn't go online in League yesterday. And you could feel yourself swallowing down that saliva trying to give a reason while the rest of the boys in lecture look at you in envy.

    She would be too close to developing any romantic feelings with. 

    Yes, she's that friend.

    The amazing friend who seems to be able to achieve anything. Seoul would also spend her weekends painting Murals in Ihwa. On top of that, we would never understand how she manages to juggle 3 extra curriculum clubs, from rock climbing to dance and also drama club.
    And she seems to have worn different personalities in each of them. Like how she does her make up for dance, where her eyeshadows are painted in galaxy blue while spotting that crazy heels. Once in a while, she'll partake in a play where I'll go show support if I can, even though I can't understand Korean.

    Sometimes she'll drag me out for a hike or two. 
    I always wondered where she got that energy from.

    But come night she will be your fellow summoner in the league, where she had her legs on the gaming chair while she rummages her Bukhansan sling bag for her usual banana milk. While waiting for her game, you'll notice how she subconsciously plays with her N Tower lock choker. And she seems to have transformed to another person when she cusses at the other players. 

    Seoul can hold her food and liquor well. Better than me!
    We would usually head out for Korean BBQ in the early evening and she would still be ordering that extra serving while I'm near my limits.
    I always wonder how she actually stays in shape with all that food that goes into her.

    At night, she'll knock at my dorm's door when she can't sleep, still full of energy while I'm up half awake. I would be dragged down the streets of Myeong Dong while we get our usual fix of Cup Noodle supper while sitting outside family mart.
    The usual convenient store Uncle would tease us, leaving us awkward for a moment before she hops cheerily towards the boiler to cook her noodles.

    "So what would you do after you go?" she asked.

    Seoul has got no idea that after meeting her, she'd opened my heart to explore the distant cities. Cities further out there, towns and villages that are scattered across the pastures waiting for me to discover.

    "I'll travel..." 

    "And write!" 

    She smiled and ruffled my hair while squeezing her face together. It's her usual funny face that she likes to do whenever she agrees with something in silence. 

    Because it's my last night here before I go.

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