HER: Hazyview

    I met Hazyview for a very specific purpose for my trip to visit South Africa.

    “Call me Hazel”, she said with a smile on her face. She had got bracelets and bangles of the five legendary animals across her back and she spot a simple crop top and shorts.

    She bought me to a camp where I unpacked briefly for my short 3 day stay. Hazel works as a Safari Ranger/Driver, as she brings people from all over the world around this famous Safari called the Kruger Park. 

    Hazel is like the optimistic friend who keeps her head up despite bad times as it was in fact bad timing when I visited.

    “Don’t worry, we would try to do as much as we can”. 

    I love how Hazel really tried her best in the end, making it possible for me to catch the famous animals of the Safari before I leave.

    She walked me through the park, guiding and reaching me. It’s nice to learn from someone who knows so much about animals. Hazel used to be a vet, before she moved over to take care of bigger cats, instead of the domestic ones.

    It was a very interesting experience for visiting Hazel specifically for this. It is indeed worth the 5 hours drive over. Money couldn’t buy what I saw.

    We went for coffee during our midday break as Hazel told me more about her story. About how she values living and how she wants to spend as much time with her family as possible despite her hectic working schedule. 

    “Do you love your job?”, I asked.

     “Yes, I do!”, she said with pride and smiles.

     “Even though you’d been doing this for 7 years without fail? Running through the routes everyday?”

     “Yes, from my heart”

     And that answer is more than enough for me to know how heartwarming and genuine Hazel is. She shares further on how she love meeting new people, driving through the different season across the Safari and also spotting the challenging ones across the vast field of the green horizon.


    “Let’s stay in touch okay?, maybe you can come help me one day”


    “Yes of course!”, I smiled and shook hands before we part, knowing that this door would be one of the door that would change my life someday.


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