HER: Chiang Khong

    Chiang Khong would forever be our fairy godmother of Thailand. Mostly because of the beautiful and heartwarming first impression. Spotting a comfy jeans and a loose collar up, Chiang Khong not only gives us warm hugs but she’s also a great Chef. Our stomachs are in for a gastronomic treat at each and every dawn. Accompanied by the wonderful view overlooking the Mekong river and Laos from the mountains, we had our multi-course breakfast amongst the cloud on the cliff. She even took us on a mini-tour as she spices things up with Vietnamese cuisine on one of the Morning!

    Away from the motherly comforts of Chiang Khong, Doi Pha Tang and Puchufa stood out the most. Both taking a toll on us as we have to go through a gruesome drive across the curves and up onto the narrow mountains, the peak at the very end made it all worth it. The first one is a decent hike, a quiet town that packs a beautiful view. Upon ascending the stone steps. 

    The second one spoke to me, definitely. Puchifa sets such a tough benchmark right after our trip. Our car could climb the steep road and thus we have to get off early and clock an hour steep hike up before reaching the first base camp area. The signs are off and we are left wondering amongst the mountain in dire search for the peak. My buddy was on the verge of giving up due to exhaustion while I’m not willing to settle. My heart filled with rage, passion refuses to go down without reaching the peak. After waving at some locals who pointed us the way, we continue the hike up where my buddy sat upon the rocks beckoning me to move on.

    I asked him to wait while I ran, 2-3 steps up at a time, trying to see how much more to go. I’m not selfish enough to have to whole peak and view to myself. I saw it on the distant and I ran back, encouraging him to come with. For this I have to share it with him. The driver, the captain of our voyage, I pulled down the sails and let the wind carried us up, and step by step while our sweat seeps into the soil as if offering sacrifice for the sacred tranquility, the view hit us in full blow and took our breath away.

    On Chiang Khong’s shoulder, we saw Laos, and the beautiful asphalt of Mekong river. The Titan now seemingly small and beyond reach, we stood still and take a moment as the air of Laos hits us from the winds. Breathing in prideful concoction of the different airspace, we oversee the vast plains.

    Giving goodbye hugs with Chiang Khong, while drenched in our blood and sweat, she’s become family. And for us, we had become brothers. And this town, have not only taught us to be better, strong, but to also love and be hungry for more adventures and stories that would come our way.

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