HER: Bali

    Bali looked a little like mix, and she's a little tanned as well. She has huge bubbly eyes and sometimes, unkempt hair.
    She usually could pull off those simple floral white dress that you see right off ASOS and you never know why. 

    Bali is simple like that. And simple is nice. 

    She usually wears a simple rugged tote bag, flips flops and on her left hands are several suede bracelets, with charms from Sea Circus, Livingstone and SisterFields. She told me those were her favorite bands.

    She definitely enjoys surfing and she's like the kind of fit active lady in the gym that you adore. She also has the beautiful glyphs of Uluwatu tattooed on her ankle, as the blessing of the monkey god gives her protection in the sea.

    Bali loves the Sun. Yes, the Sun. 
    Sunsets and sunrise included.
    Sometimes she'll be really silent during the sunset, and I'll ask if she's okay.
    She just looked dreamily over the horizon before turning her face towards me. 
    She would smile weakly before giving me a subtle shrug before turning back this time wrapping her arms around her knees.

    She loves lights too, and I always could see her with one. Not only does she always sleep with a nightlight. Her La Plancha necklace is like a nightlight itself.
    And on her wrists, there are various tattoos from Urbex, like a geometric airplane and the Taman Festival.

    We usually hung out on her off days, where she would bring me to her usual place in Potato Head, where we would get drinks, exchange stories, and occasionally she'll run out to surf at the sea while I watched in awe. She told me she'll tell me the stories about her tattoo the next time we meet.

    Maybe she didn't protect herself from love because she has faith.
    Maybe she's cursed, maybe she's not.
    But she has met way too many shitty guys over the time we have been together.
    I'll hold out the tissue for her while she tells me her stories between sobs, and I'll pat her head.

    Part of me wanted to give her a hug, hoping it'll undo the curse. 
    But part of me afraid that it'll ruin the friendship we have. She's the friend that you would make a blanket fort with, and protect.

    That's Bali.

    I'll stay up with her while she would always ask me to remind her not to fall in love again, and I'll listen to her rant until she falls asleep.

    Bali is also a true coffee lover because on our last day together she actually bought me to one of her favorite cafes. She used to work as a barista there, so she decided to make a cup of Americano personally for me since I'm a fan of the black. I'm no coffee expert but there's a strange peculiar taste to it. Or maybe because it's her.
    And maybe I'll find out until next time.


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