Getting the Sun at Potato Head Beach Club

    It’s 9 am in the morning when I checked my phone hazily.
    The sun’s been up for some time.
    I only found out that James my roommate is gone after realizing that he’s not responding to my half awaken groans to him.

    I went out of our room to the main area of our villa only to find my university mates already up and chilling by the pool.

    I’m usually the nocturnal one so it is either insomnia hits me or I’ll be up sitting under the night skies, sometimes watching random DVDs till late.
    I like how the world quiets down at night.

    I sat by the pool and Belle’s Swimming in the waters while James sat by the side with his phone. 
    I got my fix of nicotine while we chatter.
    And they have been up since 8 in the morning, Oh God.
    Belle even got up earlier to work out. 

    We all went to prepare before heading out. Since it’s Bali, we’re never running on a tight schedule.

    “Tell me why it’s called Potato Head again?”

    “I don’t know”

    Bali Potato Head Wall

    We went to our usual beach club for the trip, this time we manage to snag lunch and drinks which gives us the cushion seats. And knowing me so well, my mates gesture me to the one below the trees since I’m not a “sunny” person.
    The sun never seems friendly to me, 

    I sat there and pull out my e-book, starting to read while taking occasional sips at my Bintang. A cool beer seems to contrast really well with the sun as if washing down the sweat from inside my throat.

    Belle went to suntan while James went swimming around at the pool.

    And I decided to just sit in.

    I started to people watch, looking at the potential target market, single foreigners, mostly Caucasian. Probably trying to reenact the whole eat-pray-love and wanderlust pilgrimage.

    There are no kids here, mostly adults. (Beach club of course) I spotted some Asian girls who came in huge flamboyant floral dresses with huge frills by their shoulders. They completed the stereotypical look with the huge rounded straw beach hat.

    It’s all “ASIAN SUMMER LOOKBOOK” for them, while the Caucasian actually wore close to nothing. Scantily clad in bikinis that only covered what needs to be covered and also male with crazy tall physiques wearing nothing but that beach shorts. Yes, that Hawaiian style beach shorts. You’ll be surprised at how fit they look when they are at their 5th beer when I’m only at my 2nd. And yet I’m the one who needs to work out.

    The sun filtered through the leaves from above and from the rustling of the leaves, poke playfully at home occasionally. I looked up, half annoyed, yet I couldn't possibly be angry at the Sun, as if a father can't get angry at his baby. I went back to reading while sipping beer and I'm actually glad someone bought a book with him here too. But am disappointed after 20 minutes only to find out he's only using it as a prop, a babe magnet.

    So this is how it's like lazing around in Potato Head Beach Club. 
    I begin penning down my thoughts in my head while rocking back and forth only to realize my mates are walking back towards me while I'm in this dreamy state trying to take everything in.

    I smiled at them and decided to brush my thoughts aside and stay in the present with my beloved mates. And I beckoned them over with the beer in my hand and with that, we toast to our friendship.



    Located in: Katamama
    Address: Jl. Petitenget No.51B, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia
    Opening Hours: 10am - 2am

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