Getting Cheap SIM Card in Vietnam

If you’re heading to Vietnam for a week or two like me, and you are looking for the cheapest option to go budget, I would like to recommend the Vinaphone's limited 15GB SIM Card.

Vinaphone and Vettel are two of the top reliable telcos, and after searching on the internet and store hopping, I was recommended this 15GB limited data plan. Recommended by the local, this would definitely be the best deals as this would have a validity period of 15 days. 
(For most travelers you would usually be traveling around Vietnam for 7-10 days or less, so this 15GB would serve more than enough)

I also like how the whole of 15GB would be 4G (Internet speed) as well compared to the unlimited plan which was usually "shoved" to us by most telco booths.
*The 100,000VND limited 15GB comes up at 30% cheaper while giving me a full 15GB of 4G internet speed.

I only came across this 15GB internet sim card while I was walking across several booths to check it's price and I was contemplating to order one right off Klook at $8.79. I was in between Klook and it’s another unlimited data plan when the store assistant asked me for the length of my trip before giving me this recommendation. 
*Note that the $8.79 tourism SIM comes with 30 days of card validity and 60GB data of 4G speed at 2GB per day. They also come with 50 minutes of domestic calls *(Domestic calls might be an important factor for those who have plans with vehicle rentals)

After that I actually also spread the message to a family of 4 from Hong Kong who's there for 5 days, sharing with them this recommendation, allowing them to save around 200.000VND.

Guess who started the trip with good karma?

I actually also decided to take the photo of other Vinaphone's plans and here are various Vietnam’s Vinaphone SIM price charts for your reference.

Vinaphone Sim Price Chart

Vinaphone SIM Voice Price

Ultimately it all depends on the length of the stay and how data reliant are you while you’re traveling. But if you don’t need phone calls, and you’re okay with being “limited”, this 15GB plan would be the most reasonable plan to go with, in my case.

Hopefully, this post could shed some light and be of help. 

Have a good trip to Vietnam! 

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