G Art Gallery

    “Art is everywhere, even we are art. The art of how we live how we handle things”

    Little did I know I’ll be having a conversation that would stay with me for the life. I chanced upon G Art as I was checking the list of galleries off during Singapore Art Week.

    “Growth Art?"

    G Art Gallery

    She shared the stories of the plants outside the art galleries, how the idea of having them to brighten the day came across one of the days and most of the shelving and platforms are concreted and other miscellaneous stuff that has been repurposed. She asked me to sit by this rattan chair outside, accompanied by a makeshift semi table that consist of a pond and a half-covered transparent acrylic board. I peered into the darkness where little fishes surface and disappear into the depth and I turned my head to look at the art.

    G Art Gallery outside Plants

    "It was beautiful. I- this is really an art", I said in a mixture of pleasant surprise and excitement. It was a whole different feeling, just being able to admire the art from outside, and I'm really vibing with G Art.

    I was bought to the other side which is the main entrance. It was the image I saw that awed me, from the artwork together with the logo and the plants that ties everything together with a stark contrast against the greyscale walls.

    “The sunflower represents positivity, and also being the sunlight in the art industry”, she went on.

    I nodded and exclaimed as I told her that this would be the photo that would be the cover photo.


    I later met her partner and also yet another curator that I connected with right off the bat. It was the story of her and the rose painting before that gave me an impression of her niceness.

    G Art Gallery Tea Room

    The people in G Art were absolutely wholesome people. The Chinese oriental vibes together with the fusion of collective from art across all times show how adaptable they were as artists; especially Asians. Art isn’t always exactly the thing in Asia, as I went on to share how I didn’t have the best environment to cultivate art.

    “C’mon! Show me! Show me your art!”, she said excitedly.

    I smiled shyly before showing her some artwork of what I did. The milk carton series, my photography project, emoji digital doodles and so forth.

    "Woahhh~", she exclaimed! I probably haven't shown anyone that much of my work, nor had I received so much compliment for my works before.

    She continue to encourage me to keep pursuing my works to which I will keep in my mind and that would be a memory that I'll always turn to whenever I'm down and depressed. We spoke a lot more, exchanging stories, while she went around showing me the other pieces of art. Both of them are incredibly humble gentle titans of art that would really touch my heart.

    G Art Gallery People I Met

    G Art would always be one of my favourite art galleries around Singapore.

    Name: G Art Gallery
    Address: 231 Bain St, #03-03, Singapore 180231
    Opening Hours: 1130am - 7pm

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