Folk Cafe St James

We went to folks cafe for brunch before we head towards the St James beach. We picked this place because it’s along the way and it really did surprise us. I love how convenient it is, that being a stone throw away. We’re being served by Simba, a very sweet and nice local who took our orders and made us felt at home. He is also extremely friendly and had a really charming and nice smile! 

Folk Cafe St James Cape Town

I walked around the cafe after ordering, and as a burger lover, I know I have to go for the burger! It was a really quiet cafe with a huge variety of options to choose from. Those who have sweet tooth might find haven over here as they have good desserts like cakes and smoothies! It is nice to have no one over here, and it is also possible that cafes are considered a "treat", hence there is not that much customer. We are the only ones here, and there is a couple who just came in after just as we are about to go.

Folk Cafe St James Cape Town Burger

The serving is generous the food is decent and I love how the cheese is being coated on my beef. Oh yeah, it’s the Mr. Cheesy. The food is good, but it is the quietness that makes me want to be here again. It would actually be nice if I could get abit more of the breeze. The silence, however, makes it a great place to read by the beach without getting the sun in. I might even consider coming over with laptops and books if this place wasn't too out of the way.

Name: Folk Cafe St James (Cape Town)
Address: 54 Main Rd, St James, Cape Town, 7945, South Africa
Opening Hours: TUE-SAT (8am–10pm) SUN-MON (8am–5pm)

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