Factory Ballroom Concert (爛泥發芽)

    It’s funny how this was actually the first photo from my Instagram app. (considering I don’t usually scroll my feeds) I ran across the hostel in exhilaration while bouncing up and down and trying to get the bewildered staff to read me the details. 

    I snagged a ticket without even know where’s the exact location of the concert. But well I made sure it’s at least an hour or two from Taipei before getting them.

    I have been trying to get random people to listen to indie music since I have been staying in Taipei and I have been really in love with the arts and music scene in Taiwan. Hello Nico and I Mean Us are my top 2 Taiwanese Indie bands and I definitely would pounce on any chance to listen to them live.

    I was sharing this event from everyone I met at the hostel. And to my surprise, I actually met this one girl from Hong Kong who listens to indie music too. And she went ahead and buy the ticket upon hearing about the concert. That’s not the best part, because we only had spoken for less than 10 minutes and I didn’t even get her name. But of course, we exchanged contact and stay in touch after. And somewhere else near Zhunan, my postcard pal saw my post about this concert as well and she got the tickets too. 

    The 3 of us met up at the event square on that fateful day. We have to get take a train to the nearest MRT station where the event organizers actually arranged cabs for us. So 4 by 4 we went towards the area.

    I didn’t know how the venue looked like and watching the cabs driving all of us towards the warehouse area is a crazy experience. We, the concert attendees, alongside with all the event crew are the only ones there. Music was blaring in the distance when the cab door opens, I got up of the cab, and I’m greeted by the gigantic poster that I already fell in love with.

    Factory Ballroom Concert Poster

    It is actually situated right in the middle of 2 warehouses, and fairy lights donned the area. Food and beer are available as well! And it is already a blast. There’s also a karaoke machine right by the side behind the merchandise corner.

    Factory Ballroom Concert

    The music is more than enjoyable. I love all of the bands and their amazing personalities. The heartwarming greetings and laughter and I even manage to get close with Hello Nico! It’s even funnier that the 2 girls that came along with are almost like besties as they spammed selfies together. I sway and spin under the fairy lights as the music soothes my wilting soul. The salvation from good music, the songs that speak of agony, joy and the bittersweet misadventures of life.

    Factory Ballroom Concert

    This event is actually the first concert that I actually paid for and it would definitely not be the last. I love how friendly everyone is, people, smiling laughing, swaying to the shoegaze music. It’s funny how to unlock most concert, everyone has ample space to stand and move around (like swaying) and there’s no one pushing around. I love the personalities of the independent bands and singers as they work on their projects without commercial influence. 

    Factory Ballroom Concert

    Here's to more indie concerts to come! 

    Name: Breaking Mud Fest @ Factory Ballroom (爛泥發芽之鐵皮大舞廳)
    Address: 泰山區民生路175-3號, New Taipei City

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