Drink Drunk Donki

I decided to work on this piece and make the best out of my productive commute mode. It’s been sort of an open secret among my closer friends that I work unusually well during commute.

 “It’s called Drink Drunk Donki”, Aaron chirped.

It was unusual to see my childhood friend since primary school that excited for something and of course I’d go check this place out for him. Yes for him hahaha!

Aaron and I went way back, since looking for pool parlors during our primary school days to streetwear shopping at adidas/limited edition, we are always finding the next thing for us to hangout/do. It was years ago when Aaron introduced this place to me.

“Woah this place reminds me of the Netflix show… that midnight diner show?”

“Yes yes ahaha OMG”, Aaron could barely contain his laughter as we are sitting amongst mostly lone drinkers who are there swiping away on their phone, and some of them even ordered bottles.

Drink Drunk Donki at Don Don Donki Singapore

Its pretty satiric to make such a reference so do mind my tendency to do dark for humor. Somewhat. But it’s sadly true too, in a way when you see people stop reaching out, or when people start falling off you as you age. I guess at the end of the day we only have ourselves; or rather most of us. It is jo surprise that after growing up and going through countless friendship drama and fakery that some people decided to just make Drink Drunk Donki a personal haven for some me time. And we probably see ourselves doing the same too. It’s been a couple of years and this place have became our usual hangouts, rotating between the Jurong East, Clarke Quay and Somerset branch.

Drink Drunk Donki at Don Don Donki Singapore Menu

This write up however came alittle late, but I guess better than never. Because I actually took photos of this place when I first went, but my mental health wasn’t really at its best so it was just tucked away like most of my writings.

Drink Drunk Donki at Don Don Donki Singapore

With that being said, the Drink Drunk Donki do really felt like the whole midnight diner theme, with us talking our problems, everyone having their own different fights and narrative. But at this certain night, our paths would seemingly cross but never cross, as we are like each other’s parallel right across the bar counter.

Drink Drunk Donki would always have a place in my heart; and Aaron’s too.

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