Chasing the Sun at Kenting

Kenting was more like a spiritual and emotional trip for me compared to the others.

On top of meeting amazing people, I have caught several sunsets and sunrises here, and also spoke to the stars. Gazed at the clouds while they parade the skies, full of pride and triumph. Sister wind ruffled with my hair, sweeping my heart off the feet. The layers of mountains, ever so beautiful and timeless. 

And there, the Sun.

The fishermen, the ballerina, the lovers, the giant red that screams poetry to my soul.

During my journey, I decided to write about a hundred sunrises and sunsets. Some could be just pure description, some tell about my feelings and emotions. And for some, I’ll describe how it feels to me and my heart. It is a lot more candid and real, the project. It’ll be something to write on, to share amongst everyone. 

I got addicted to chasing the Sun. I caught sunsets and sunrises on both sides of the coast, each telling me their version of the story. As much as they’re both like the coin, both side completes each other. And instead of heads and tails, both of them are nevertheless extremely beautiful. 

She stings in the day though.

I’m really so much more tanned at the end. I never thought my skin could even turn rosy dark. This is the guy who read under a tree with a beer during Bali.

And now I’m right here, chasing the sun like a paparazzi, only to tell the beauty of their stories.

I hope the writings would inspire you to seek the sun on your own. To grow yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally. To dig deeper and write more stories that is worth so much more than handbags and t-shirts. You’ll take more beautiful photos that speak of candid and real stories instead of spending the afternoon posing for that Instagram shot at the cafes where there’s a unicorn float.

You deserve so much more.

And I wish you could see it from chasing the Sun.

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