Cats Socrates (Yong Siak Store)

    There were no cats when we visited, but the previous cats Socrates I know were at bras Basah. Resident cats dominated the store back then, jumping out randomly; either posing as a pleasant surprise or a heart attack right out of a haunted house.

    Cat Socrates Yong Siak Store

    The store still plays great music that trace along with gentle acoustic that went well with the warm timber decors as I walked across the current home of cats Socrates.

    Cat Socrates Yong Siak Store

    They have just about anything and Iโ€™d say it felt like one of the best places to get a gift for a car lover, hipster or a nerd. With an astonishing amount of book collection, they also have stuff like dream catchers, artistic pins and accessories. Who could say no to adorable cats? They spot a prideful collection of cats related merchandise that is purfect for any feline fans.

    Cat Socrates Yong Siak Store

    While the absence of the cats surely does take out some meows and personality from cats Socrates, this place still doesnโ€™t disappoint with the variety of gift options and ideas that inspire you at every corner! Anything that you could put to use or collect, Cat Socrates is out there to tug your heartstrings!


    Name: Cat Socrates (Yong Siak Store)
    Address: 01-14, 78 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 163078
    Tel: 63330870
    Opening hours:
    Mon & P.H.: 10am ~ 6pm
    Tue - Thu: 10am ~ 7pm
    Fri & Sat: 10am ~ 8pm
    Sun: 9am ~ 6pm

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