Busan Museum of Art

“We...will go to the museum of art today..?”, I asked with my fingers crossed.

It is raining today, and the forecast hasn’t been great. We ended up switching the plans around, as we have to make do with the impromptu plans Mother Nature had intended. Museums and Malls are probably the best things to do during rainy weather, and I’ll very much prefer the former. The Busan Museum of Art is one of "must go" in my list of art spaces. Due to our limited and tight schedule this time, I have no choice but to make do with whichever art space I could get my hands on.

Busan Museum of Art

Sitting quietly at less than 400m from BEXCO train stations the Busan Museum of art is a 3 storey art space that is definitely on my list. They also have a LeeS gallery at a stone throw away (at the sculpture park). The general admission is free for permanent exhibition (which is located at the 3rd level), and the 2nd level would be their special exhibition space (5000W/entry). I decided to head up to the top floor first before checking out their special exhibit, well always leave the best for the last right?

Busan Museum of Art

Shiota Chiharu really pulled on my heartstring this time, as her "The Soul Trembles" is all thing powerful. We carefully went through each and every part of her artwork. Each of them so powerful and sents such a strong message. It actually had been a while since a specific artist caught my heart, and Chiharu has definitely done it. And I'm so glad I could see and enjoy her artworks and installation in person.

Busan Museum of Art Cafe

I'll have to give kudos to this quiet cafe as I'm writing right now in the comforts and warmth of the cafe. It’s been a while since I chilled at a cafe without a care in the world (due to my hectic and fast-paced traveling style when I’m flying solo). And I manage to actually take a break, take off my padded jacket, write, sip coffee and even enjoy a cheesecake while the indie Korean music blared on. I was reminded of how I have been trying to multitask all the time, making myself get caught up. This time wrong, I, however, am traveling with my brother and decided to leave most of the writing to my free time or when I'm back home.

I'll definitely come back to Busan again, to check out more amazing art space, and to share them with the world (:

Name: Busan Museum of Art
Address: 58, APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Opening Hours: 10:00~18:00

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