We're supposed to head toward Taka for Japanese food but we stumbled upon Burger Plus instead. Amidst the whole COVID saga, Singapore's still functioning pretty well, and I'd say we still would have a long way to go before the world recover, and I can hopefully travel again. My thoughts are still alive, even though I find myself more easily distracted these days, like now!

    After considering, I decided to gave and go for it! How can I never say no to burgers right? We got the Hazel Nut Milkshake, the half Chicken and the Bulgogi Burger Set!

    I believe it's a CRM attempt to collect customer information when they mentioned that there is a difference between the stated "member price" vs the "standard price", but membership is free so... After payment and everything we're given a buzzer and the whole system reminds me of 4 Fingers, where we will collect the food by the kitchen counter when it's done.

    Burger Plus Bulgogi Burger

    The chicken taste really great, but there's a lot of breast meat for that half chicken, possibly more than usual, so that might be subjective to individuals. The fries look great but it felt like a lacklustre after having curly fries the night before. The 2 big highlights are the Bulgogi Burger and the Hazelnut milkshake. I'm not a fan of milkshake, not even after trying out black tap's peanut and shake shack's Goma milkshake, but this one is really amazing. I love how the sweetness is just right and the hazelnut bits gave it the perfect finishing touch.

    Burger Plus

    Not sure if I'll be back without the "sale price", but it's definitely worth a go if you love Bulgogi! :D Or maybe it's just me living under the rock during the whole circuit breaker that's why this first meal is pretty darn intense for me.


    Name: Burger Plus

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