Be Here, Be Now.

We're always concerned with things we can’t have control over.
We whine over regrets and what it could have been and what you wished you had done.
We wondered about dreams and how things could have been if all went smoothly.

Your mind plays endless scenarios in the head, depicting the countless parallel universe but here. People often wondered about the past, dream about the future, but what about the present?

From meditation, I learned about being in tune with your present self. Be aware, be mindful, be here.

People are usually fussing over things they don’t have control over. It’s our nature to “control”, to “dominate” and we always wonder about things not going our way or what is “supposed” to. 

But then again what is really “supposed to?”

We hardly look at ourselves and wondered what needs to be changed instead. We blame it on fate with our predicament but went on countless banter in our mind regarding what things could have or should have.

So experience the present today. Feel the now. “Be aware of everything that’s happening in your body.” that’s what vipassana taught me. Be here so you can cherish your loved ones, think about where you should head to from here. 

Be now for you can take action to do what you would like to do. 

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