Anping Chou's Delicacy

After getting my penny in An Ping, (I was really lucky and happy to see one), I asked the Auntie for a good beancurd store as Anping is famous for their beancurd.

She told us this one at first, which she said: “a lot of tourists like to go to that one”. However that wasn’t the one I was looking for, so instead, I asked if she goes to any.

我們嗎?” (You mean us?)
是的,你們常去哪一家?“ (Yes, which one do you usually visit?)

So after a brief conversation, I actually meant to ask her for her “go-to” beancurd store. And she directed us to her favorite store which was just across the road from An Ping Old Street!

Anping Chou's Delicacy

So according to her this beancurd store has been here for years, ran by a local family and it has been her favorite together with various locals.

I headed there with a random couple whom I met along the way after watching my Sunset. *Thank you so much for the treat if you are reading this!*

It is indeed a really old store run by an elderly and humble old man who let us me and wander around looking at the photos and the menu before taking our order.

Anping Chou's Delicacy

I love the quiet too, as I could notice several aunties and uncles sipping the last of their beancurd, seemingly satisfied. I also noticed a mum in a yellow floral dress who was feeding her child. And yes. No tourist.

It is funny how some travelers like me prefer places without tourists. 

Anping Chou's Delicacy

I ordered a brown sugar beancurd and it came in no time! And it is no surprise that I really love it. Their beancurd are more solidified compared to the soft and tender ones back in Singapore. It has more substance to chew as well and I love how the liquid didn’t taste too much like syrup or just plain sweetness. The brown sugar goes really well to the beancurd itself without ruining its authentic taste.

I’m really glad to have found this hidden gem to share and I hope more people could actually patronize the stores which are “local-recommended” instead of “tourist-recommended”.

P.S. I actually and a check and this is actually not really covered!

Name: 安平周氏豆花 (Anping Chou's Delicacy)
Address: No. 137, Anping Road, Anping District, Tainan City, 708
Opening Hours: 10AM–9PM


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