People I Met: Aivee Hsu

    Do you ever believe in the Universe?

    It is funny to say, but I believed the Universe (or rather my carelessness) allowed me to meet Aivee. I was actually working on a sound project (still don’t know where should I post them though).

    Anyway, I came across Aivee when I was exploring Aivee and I decided to do a recording of her. I walked on and unknowingly left my sound recording by the table. And I actually only realized it when I’m on the train on the way back.

    Aivee Hsu Maji Square Live Music

    Part of me actually wanted to go back to try my luck. While part of me didn’t want to as to avoid further disappointing myself. However, I was still very calm throughout the whole episode.

    I decided to go back anyway. And that was actually one of the best things I actually did.

    I went back and surprisingly it's still there! So I headed over to retrieve it. I then happened to cross path with Aivee as she just got done with her set and she thanked me. Prior to that I was actually clapping really loudly when she finished her songs.

    She thanked me and we started talking, about herself about myself, about our projects, our lives, and our passions. It doesn’t end here actually. We actually stood by the stage and ended up talking for over 30 minutes right up till her second set. I was really guilty to even have taken up her break time. And she even decided to give me her latest CD. One that she had just produced, fresh from the oven. 

    And of course, I have to get her to sign it right?! <3

    Aivee Hsu Album

    Meeting Aivee really made my day, honestly. The experience at the museum of fine arts now seems so small compared to this peculiar misadventure. Here is to more unexpected goodies from the Universe. And may the law of attraction shines upon everyone (:

    Thank you for singing cheek to cheek!
    And thanks a million again for the album!


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