Abandoned Wheat Rooftop

    Urban Exploration (Urbex) might not be popular among the tourist here, but here's something that I'll still like to share. Alongside with admiring art galleries and museums, I have a closet love for all things odd and abandoned. In Hong Kong, they called it "ruin photography", In Japan, they called it "haikyo", apparently in Singapore they called it "Urban Exploring".

    Abandoned Wheat Roof Urbex

    Wading through the Urban Jungle with photography sensei "E", we came across this hidden gem somewhere around where the sun sets.
    There's no backstory, no ancient history nor is there any ghost stories.
    And we thank god for it being that way because this place is literally sanctuary. We explored the compound for a while before settling down.
    After which we even had a little picnic whilst admiring the sunset.
    (Of course, we have to keep our sanctuary clean!)

    Abandoned Wheat Field

    The wheatgrass danced with the wind, she coos us with fatigue. We exchange stories while taking sips and bite, while sweats are still rolling across our faces. Mimosa and Dandelions scattered below, and an occasional wind would either hushed the mimosa or cradle the dandelions up into the air. It's an amazing place to clear the mind, to cleanse your soul, while you're up here with nothing being able to get to you. It's a safe space. Our safe space.

    Urbex Roof Ladder

    It's been a while since I'd explored with E, but this certainly is one of our favorite tales to recount.
    Here's to more exploring and stories!

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