Abandoned Druggie Carpark

    We went through the photos again in awe before I started to sort out my thoughts and write. This is our first official urbex (after knowing that term), and we were so excited after.
    Before I started, do take SERIOUS CAUTION before entry for this one as seems like this place is used by drug addicts (or maybe just 1).
    I will tell the tale along the way. This urbex gem is a multistorey carpark that sits quietly amongst one of the quiet streets of Bangkok.

    abandoned druggie carpark bangkok

    The industrial steel sheets are sharped and jagged, broken bottles and glass spread all over the ground. The overgrown knee-high grasses are no help at all, as you can barely see what's on the ground. Do excise strict caution upon entry.
    After the first phase of entry, you would find yourself in the yard area just right in front of the car park. There's a small ledge to walked up without any jumping required but however, do stable your footing before probing yourself up.

    urbex bangkok carpark

    The inside was a huge surprise. There is indeed signs of life in this place.
    We saw various cards, all of them belonging to random individuals. And I even saw our beloved SIA Card. The portable bed lies near the side while there are several boxes of medication that lay on the side. There are also several food wrappers and water by the side.

    Urbex SIA Priority Passenger
    "SIA Priority Passenger's card belonging to the enigmatic C.Klinphapon"

    We started our adventure and slowly make our ascend, exploring both sides of the carpark. I find the ceiling abnormally short compared to the modern carpark designs now. Seems like this carpark have been built for some time.

    Urbex Graffiti Walls Abandoned

    Arts spilled everywhere, fill most prominent corners of the carpark. Graffiti of various form, some sending messages depressed, some sharing hope, some are nothing but mindless scribbles of profanities. Some even defaced other arts.

    Bangkok Urbex Abandoned Toilet

    We spotted a bizarre toilet area in the middle. It seems like it's still being used till this day. Just don't let me get started on the odd smell. Probably it's just used for pissing. Druggie have to maintain his dwelling.

    Bangkok Ghost Tower Urbex

    Upon the 4/5th floor, the ominous Ghost Tower just stood right in front of us. As if it’s within grasp. We stood hidden while peering over to the building, picking up what we can with our eyes. We dart from floors to floors, looking for anything that might give us a story or a clue. The infamous toilet seat was visible and there are several chairs, some standing up some toppled over around the area. The unfinished staircase is visible from here as well. And we hear voices from the other side. Indistinctive conversations, footsteps that echoes along the ghostly halls of the corridor. We didn't manage to catch sight of anyone, so after a while, we moved on to head on up.

    Bangkok Urbex Abandoned Mattress

    We saw a sunken mattress on one of the layers. Used syringes were tossed all over the floor. Hundreds of them, at least two of three hundred of them, with most of them bent beyond use. We suspected that it’s probably drugs. I don’t really want to know. We carefully walked across the ground, making sure that we didn’t step on any of them. I couldn't help but fathom how it is like at night.

    Urbex Abandoned Used Drug Needles

    On top, there are several birds and bats which seeks refuge in the area.
    The area is too dark for photos and only armed with an iPhone, there are several limitations to my photographic abilities. There’s a dead bird on the ground, with its insides missing. We joked, saying that it might be the druggie’s supper from awhile back.
    Who knows?

    Urbex Bangkok Dead Bird

    We stayed for a while, making our last few rounds while enjoying the moment.
    We then slowly descended and left the premises unnoticed.
    The bottom basement, however, is eerily dark. Being robbed of sunlight, we didn't stay too long in there before the chill starts creeping up on us before we moved on.

    Part of us was hoping to catch sight of the enigmatic resident.
    Another part of us hoped that we wouldn't bump into anyone else.
    And like the fleeting breeze, we left the carpark with more questions than answers.

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