Tokyo Tower

    The first night in Tokyo with you. I finally had a chance to bring you around the streets, to get lost in a city we'd never been, but this time I'm not doing it alone, because you're here with me.

    Tokyo Tower

    We did some homework before though, amongst all the getting lost, we know that we have to eventually find our way towards Tokyo Tower later in the night. But the getting lost segment was the fun part. Tokyo Tower wasn't exactly easy to find, despite being such a tall landward. It was quite a ways from the train station, and despite that, it is hidden around the corner of a block by the end of the street, like a harmless spirit of mischief.

    Tokyo Tower View

    Sakura festival made the city a little more beautiful. It might sound cliché. But as cliché, as it sounds, the night is really more beautiful. After abit of a walk, we're there at Tokyo Tower. However, I'd say the scenery at the top wasn't as breathtaking as I thought. Even though it is a great experience for the first night, I prefer the getting lost part, the long late-night walks, the part where we look for convenience stores to hide from the cold, get comfort food, and explore the city.

    The peak was a little more underwhelming than you'd think. However, it is also nice to see how we're the only few ones who're at the top of Tokyo Tower. I'd still give the breathtaking view a credit though!

    Tokyo Tower Museum

    P.S. it's funny to see how the address is 4 28 when put together

    Name: Tokyo Tower (東京タワー)
    Address: 4 Chome-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
    Opening Hours: 9:00a.m - 11:00p.m

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