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Despite the rainy day, I kick-started my day right with TKG+, where I braved the rain and winds after seeking refuge in the family mart for a 49NT lunch before heading out reluctantly again. It took me a while as Google maps weren’t cooperating.

Tina Keng Gallery TKG+ (耿畫廊) Website

I was in between pants when I was struggling to push my umbrella back into the plastic sheet while doing my introduction to my museum staff. I thought they only have their exhibition on one floor when one of the staff also told me that they also have a B1 and a second floor.

Tina Keng Gallery TKG+ (耿畫廊) Website

The B1 feature a very quite underground installation space with various screens. The art space is huge and I like how they got the white plaster wall set up around the area.

Tina Keng Gallery TKG+ (耿畫廊) Website

Level 2 features a great overview of the street together with some art and more installations. I also love the lounge area with the couch and art books. Some of them are even on sale too :D

Tina Keng Gallery TKG+ (耿畫廊) Website

All 3 of them look amazing. Each floor showcases a different exhibition and you literally get 3 artists in one visit. I love how they have a really classy toilet set up in each floor and also their top floor actually features a really quiet chill corner where you could sit there, go through some art books and even just chill. I lounge awhile in the area, sitting there alone, and it is indeed pretty sad that I was the only visitor around.

“This is a 4 part project featuring the art area of Xihu. I’ll also cover the Fish Art Centre, Suka Art, and Whitestone Gallery”

Name: Tina Keng Gallery / TKG+ (耿畫廊)
Address: 114, Taipei City, Neihu District, 瑞光路548巷15號1樓
Opening Hours: TUE-SUN (11AM-7PM)

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