Thoughts on Avengers End Game

“Is it me or does Avengers End Game felt like a really hyped up play fight?”

I’m nowhere against Marvel, but in fact, I fell in love with the series right after catching Iron Man 1.

I’m the sort of guy who loves to watch the build-up, or the start of everything. The grinding, the test runs, and everything that made him who he is. 

Well, you get the gist. Scenes like these are truly golden. 

*pre-movie thoughts*

No offering any spoilers, easter eggs nor speculations but I’m just writing about my thoughts and thoughts alone.

Speaking about speculations, I actually felt there are a lot of them that are being put alongside with “things you should know”.
Because a lot of people are doing “homework/revision” prior to the movie (including myself), and I didn’t really appreciate the speculations being put into alongside to what we should know. I love watching movies in the most organic way possible.

Okay moving on, it actually felt like we’re watching a wrestling match to me, as Marvel Studio had built up this fight, set up the team, and get everything ready and we’re gonna watch how everyone will “beat Thanos” in a seemingly “happy ending” kind of way.

Personally, I feel that Civil War is more real because friends won’t go all ruthless with each other. So it’ll be a more believable fight.

Well it’s just me, but Infinity War, there are a lot more talking between sides and I believe they both didn’t go all ruthless against each other (or of course we need several buildup and dramatization in theory), even though they should have, or they might even have won pre-snap various way. However they have feelings after all (especially Quill <3), and I’m all in for another 3 hours of visual goodie.

I can’t wait nevertheless, but I decided to catch it as soon as possible before people around me starts spoiling me for god sake. 

*post-movie thoughts*

I left the theatre feeling a lot more awe than I thought. I love the fight scenes, I love how all of us cheer when our heroes are kicking ass and how we’re going owww when they’re being hit. 

This is what I love about movies like these, uniting us together, rooting them on, clapping, cheering at the epic fight scenes, and being all teary and quiet at the sad ones. We shared several emotional moments, all in darkness and I don’t even know how half of them looks like. I do have to empathize at the epicness of the scenes. It really does exceed way beyond my expectation in a good way, and it leaves me wanting more. 

So here’s to one of the greatest franchise of all times, to unite us together as one.

Until next time, Marvel.

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