The People I Met in Taiwan


    While on my trip, I actually challenged myself to meet 100 people, and with that, I pushed myself to not only be more extroverted but also allow myself to connect as well. 

    I can’t believe I manage to complete this mini-challenge, as I meet people from all over the world while I looped around Taiwan. 

    So here are all the entries of people that I’d met.


    #01 Minna
    Met at Couchsurfing event and she’s traveling alone and we hung out for quite a bit. We did the Pingxi sky lantern together and also went out for a bit of food along Shifen’s street while we share stories with each other.
    She’s an Entrepreneur major who loves traveling alone across the world too!
    I’m glad you’re the first person I connect with and let’s always stay in touch! I will see you again soon(:


    #02 David
    The main organizers of the Pingxi festival event, David is the man who got your back for everything you need. He divided the group into the morning and afternoon group so that all of us are able to get the sky lanterns
    (since the ones in the morning need to get the tickets first)
    He’s like the dad that would take care of all of us in the group and it’s nice to have someone showing us around and making sure we’re having a good time when we’re here! I'll never forget David!


    #03 Paul
    A magician who came back from the states, Paul bought a lot of happiness and laughter to the group as he performed various tricks and kept us entertained throughout the day.
    Let’s hang out at an event soon! 


    #04 Midori
    A Japanese girl who is staying in Singapore, she spoke a variety of languages as she moved around and stayed in different places. She’s a truly funny and gentle soul and I wish you all the best in whatever you do!


    #05 Tyson
    We spoke earlier before on Couchsurfing prior to my trip and he’s actually one of the first few person I got in touch with upon landing. It’s funny how we ended up attending the same event together but didn’t run into each other as we are in different groups. I actually finally meet him at the very end and we decided to stay in touch! Let’s hang out again, for proper next time! 


    #06 Steve
    Best Buddy! We hit right off after our first walk together. He helped me realized that I could be really close at heart with someone despite our ethnic difference since I’d never been so close with a westerner. I love the stories we shared with each other. From dirty secrets to our messed up vulnerabilities. 
    We talked about way more things that I have ever anticipated and I enjoyed our nights out together. I love how we can be so comfortable and close with each other despite our differences, and he gets all of my humor and jokes, so that's a real bonus.
    He'll be traveling for a year and I can't wait for Steve to stop by Singapore so we would hang out! 
    I can't wait to see how your trip would turn out, and it'll be amazing I bet! 
    Stay happy, wild and free Brother!!


    #07 Li
    Convenient store guy whom I met when Steve is drunk. Wishes to travel m, and I asked him to quit working at 7-11 and go for it! it is nice and heartwarming to go for a late night chatter every now and then whenever I pass by, heh.
    Keeping going, and let us stay in touch!


    #08 Ah Wei 
    Store manager of WRONG Gallery, had a nice chatter and he invited me to an opening after. We talked a lot on street art and it’s different types and culture. He’s really eloquent and outspoken, and he is definitely one of the most amazing guy that made me feel home. He even treats the to bubble tea, invited me to their opening and even shared the art auction with me, knowing that I love arts! 


    #09 Ting
    Known her in WRONG Gallery, had a blast, and she took me around in Taitung! We shared our life and she took me around to where she grew up, the mural she painted when she’s barely 18 and she even bought me to her parent’s tea plantation. I love how she shared her dreams and aspiration with me whilst we’re at the top of Luye’s mountain. She is so talented and driven and I am sure one day she'll be a very successful artist!
    I would never forget Ting, and let us meet up when I am back in Taiwan.


    #10 Ling
    Ling Co-create Hiro Hiro Art Space with her sister, an amazing art space which speaks to your soul. We talked for at least an hour when we talked about our own projects. I shared with her the snail mail stuff and we also exchanged indie music taste. Ling is a really kind and patient lady and I'm so glad that we spoke and exchanged so many things of our own with each other. I am so happy to have known her and Hiro Hiro would always be a place that I would revisit whenever I am in Taipei.
    It's so funny when I made her show us her favorite pokemon on their next gallery opening and it is so nice to also connect with the photographer behind this exhibition! Now I would always think of you whenever I see Bellossom (美麗花).
    Thank you for sharing Frande with me and I hope you’ll always be happy! And take some time off to check out the other art spaces too!


    #11 Chris
    Owner of Hi-Hat Cafe which plays indie music as well, I promised her that I’ll come for her coffee before I leave Taipei. She gave me an amazing cup of coffee with a discount and I couldn’t ask for more. We hung out abit with her friends before she close shop and this is one place that I’ll always revisit whenever I’m back again. 


    #12 Sofie
    A fellow workawayer I met with an amazing and beautiful voice and a beautiful soul.
    We didn’t really talk until later and this person has one of the purest and gentlest soul that I have ever seen. We had the same taste in music because maybe because we are both introvert (swear I’m one hahah). I could always sit in comfort with Sofie as well ahahah.
    I love how we would always help each other with work and go get lunch together. I also love how you’ll put in the effort to make plans on my last day, or even do hotpot when I come back.
    I enjoyed spray painting, going to abandoned places and even lazing in the couch with you! Your voice is so amazing and your talent makes the world alittle brighter! Never stop creating music and being happy. Thank you for being the little sister that I never had. And it felt like she could see through me all the time, even when she didn't say anything. 
    P.S. And your little brother is so so cute! 


    #13 Korean Guy who taught us Profanities
    South Korea
    He came out for a glass for water before sleeping and we invited him to sit with us and we started talking. Even though he can’t really speak English, I decided to ask him for profanity tips just to break the ice. So we ended up doing a profanity exchange between Singapore, Finland, Canada, South Korea, and Sweden! We had so much fun that night despite the language barrier!!
    It’s truly sad because he checked out before we could exchange contact >.<


    #14 Eunice (Gyeong)
    Came here with her sister and mum. Loves love marvel, taught me some Korean. We met during breakfast and supper sometimes and I had fun while trying to introduce and recommend places to them via the Korean version of Taipei’s map. 


    #15 Chiang
    Hung out together with me, Eunice and her family and her friends as well! Met during supper at TYH Kitchen and she and her friends are a very light-hearted and funny bunch!


    #16 Ha Rin
    Ha Rin is hardworking and a determine lady from Korea! She taught me some Korean and she’s also a bodybuilder despite her petite build. I’ll love to see you again in Korea soon, or we can hang out if you’re coming to Singapore!


    #17 Taylor
    An Artist I met from an opening, amazingly talented person behind the “Passed from Death into Life” which was curated at WRONG Gallery. Spoke to him for abit during his opening and I was honored to pick the brains behind this morbid art project. This is one of the art pieces that I love the most! And I’ll love to see more of your art soon!


    #18 Mona
    Hailing from Taiwan, Mona is actually an artist who drew pet portraits and boy is she really good at them! I actually met her in Hi-Hat Cafe when I was dropping over there for coffee, and that’s how we met.
    I still have some of my favorite pups to send you and thank you for brightening up the world with your art!


    #19 Jenny
    Hong Kong
    Jenny is my bizarre activity buddy because despite not keeping in touch much (hence the bizarre part), we actually went to Ruifang to attend the torch festival, and we even took up pottery lesson together!
    All in all, thank you for inviting me to join you on pottery! But it always felt like meeting an old friend when I’m meeting you. 


    #20 Federico
    Cabin crew, love traveling alone, and we played Jenga together. I’m glad to have met you and I love your jokes hahaha. You showed me how to purpose what you love and thank you for being awesome! Maybe I’ll really get to catch you in Italy one day dude!


    #21 Zing
    She’s a Penpal, Singer, Dancer, Performer. A true talent and we met because she covered 小幸運 3 years ago. We hit off really well back then and she has always been here for me while I am feeling down. She always encourages me to move towards the light and I love her being positive especially when I could use some light in my life. It’s so funny how I finally manage to get meet her for the first time after all. And we both love cheese and fries so she bought me to her friend’s workplace for brunch! It is really nice seeing you and thank you for taking the time off so we could hang out!


    #22 Aivee Hsu
    It’s funny how the universe bought us together, how I left my voice recorder and how our path crossed and we eventually spoke for an hour during her rest in between sets. We talked about the arts, music and she is a wonderful soul who loves to give and she gave me her CD! Of course, I’ll need her to sign on it!
    Continue doing whatever you do and never stray from what you love! I will see you when I am back in Taiwan again and this time maybe we could go for coffee! 


    #23 Micay
    An event Photographer and also an amazing jazz/swing performer. Shared about Ruifang’s Torch event with me after he knows that I love events and festivals. We spoke for abit  and we even ran into each other during the Ruifang festival! He's a really nice and cool guy! It’s really nice to know you and please stay in touch. Lets hang out at another festival or event when I'm back in Taipei again!


    #24 Pei
    Hong Kong
    Love nature travels alone so I invited her to join us on movie night while we watched Totoro together. We exchanged travel stories and it was truly wonderful as I got to practice my Cantonese with her as well. Didn’t expect to have a 4 hours chat but it’s really nice knowing you heh.


    #25 Kao
    A guy from Tainan that I met. Here in Taiwan for an interview and he loves Re-Zero too! All the best for what’s coming for your life and do keep me updated. I’ll see you in Tainan soon or let’s hope Re-Zero have a season 2 real quick so we can spazz about it together. 


    #26 Lavender & King
    A couple from Malaysia who’re here to travel. We talked over breakfast and they taught me “travel with depth” in Chinese! Though our meeting was short, it’s still truly nice to get to know both of them.


    #27 Ko
    I got to know Ko, right outside Zone B and the next the I know we are talking about indie music. I decided to share an upcoming event with her and the next thing I know, she bought the tickets with me without even exchanging names. We had a lot of fun together with Phoebe too on that day! Thank you for being such amazing sport, and the event is so much nicer with you guys around! Let us hang out when I'm going to Hong Kong!


    #28 Phoebe
    A fellow postcard pal from Zhunan, and she love the little prince and Jimmy Liao too. Joined me and Ko for the concert all the way from Taichung. I’m so lucky to be her friend, she even printed the poster for the event for me <3 She has a beautiful soul and we even hang out with together with Anne at Yizhong night market!
    Please be happy and don’t let any guy bully you again! Let’s meet again when I’m in Taiwan! 


    #29 Chan Yu-Ting
    Met the personality and voice behind my favorite music! Ran after her and before I know it we are talking selfies and I could die happy for once. Love her performance, her smiles and her simple and genuine get up. She felt so human to me, instead of a “celebrity” and I’ll always look forward to your works! See you again in Taiwan soooooooon


    #30 Tung
    We met at Red House, she is gonna be my new postcard buddy. We spoke for the longest time possible as I’m looking at postcards and vintage stuff. It’s always nice and heartwarming to find someone who enjoys collecting postcards too heh. 


    #31 Enid
    Met at Red House, learning English and we talked about arts and many other random things. I gave her some English tips and we eventually became friends as well. I’ll see you again when I’m back in Taipei :D 


    #32 Tung
    I met her during the breakfast socializing table, and she is here for Shinee, and I teased her really badly for this one. But jokes aside, she actually shared with me that M2 is open for visiting and it made me put M2 back into my list heh.
    Thanks to you my Tainan trip became better!


    #33 Juthar
    From Thailand, staying in Japan. We had breakfast together while exchanging travel stories! She’s truly friendly and we do still keep in touch every now and then even though she’s one of the first per “batch” of people that I had met.
    And I love how this batch of guest are really sociable and friendly and I’m so happy to have met you.  


    #34 Katoh
    Met her during breakfast and I’ll always see her around the hostel. She’s really sweet as she’ll hide in the corner and FaceTime her husband every night before she sleeps. Thank you for the miso soup! I’ll maybe see you in Japan if I get to do Mt Fuji 


    #35 Yumu 
    Maths teacher to be from Kyoto and it’s nice to see you moving forward. He joined us for afew nights when he came back with his friends and we even recommended him a Japanese bar on his last night here! I’ll come to visit you when I’m coming to Kyoto bro, and I hope by then my Japanese is better! :D


    #36 Roy
    Hong Kong
    A firefighter who came over with his buddy and seeing both of them reminds me of Aaron and me! They’re so so different and funny. But I only manage to connect with Roy since his friend is more on the quiet side, like my Aaron! Let’s hang out and do beer when I’m going over to Hong Kong okay? 😂


    #37 Random Girl doing Facial Mask
    South Korea
    She’s a makeup artist and it’s funny how we didn’t even exchange names. I saw her 3 times and she’s always wearing a mask so since third time is a charm I actually waited for her to be done and we spoke quite a bit during this time.
    Maybe this message would reach you somehow but anyway, manaso bangawoyo! 


    #38 Renee
    We sang creep together, did children’s handicraft together and I never thought I’ll be close with somebody from Holland as well. She taught me some really funny profanity which also allowed me to connect with fellow Dutch speakers in the hostel! I love how she would sing my favorite songs and she even shared a lot of music from Holland with me. Thank you for your inflight snack and I truly appreciate you, Renee. And Thank you for the ukulele lessons and the heartwarming origami sessions! 


    #39 Theon
    Super Tall guy from Singapore. Met him when we are doing social couch event. Came here with his family and we even had breakfast together in the morning. A pretty nice guy and I wish we could have hung out longer if their schedule allows! His Sister and he would always hang out with us at night and we would talk until midnight together. 


    #40 Tish 
    Tyon’s sister. Had a bizarre long conversation and found out that she’s an INFP. Loves traveling and surprisingly we have similar overthinking traits. Not a really good thing but it’s nice knowing you if you’re reading this! And I hope you’ll be better, stronger and happier (:


    #41 Haley
    Met her so many times but I forgot her name, but she’s a nice and funny person to get to know! We had quite a chatter and I’m really comfortable with her! I’ll see you again soon if you’re traveling again. 


    #42 Oliva
    Olivia and Chris are an amazing couple who loves urban exploration too and I recommended them the UFO village. They work for TV show production and we hang out with several other guests and workawayers while they’re here.
    Thank you for letting me know that there’s a straight bus right up to the UFO Village! If not I might have given up on that due to my schedule. 


    #43 Chris
    An amazing and chill guy who is making his own Indie game. Loves Urbex too and also Hanoi (Vietnam). Thank you for sharing your funny drunk stories with us/backpackers stories. Olivia and he both travel and work together and they are such a lovely couple! I hope both of you would always be happy together! 


    #44 Clizia
    Italian budget traveler, she loves to cook and she loves cooking for people as well. She’s constantly feeding me with soup and food! Thank you for being so warm and motherly and I’ll miss your budget tips and “home-cooked” food. 


    #45 崴宇
    I met this artist who paints nature on canvas in Songshan Cultural Park and little did I know the artist behind this exhibition is there. We spoke for quite abit while he shared with me how nature is his way of escaping when he’s feeling stressed/down. It slowly became his inspiration and then now, his project. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, I truly love it.


    #46 Fire
    Hong Kong
    I actually met him during breakfast and we spent the morning talking and exchanging stories and culture. He has to check out after and we exchanged socials because we decided to hang out again if the universe allows! So see you in Hong Kong maybe?!


    #47 Abel 
    The first person that I met while I moved over to lobster actually! Since he grew up in Taiwan, his Chinese is even better than mine! A graphic designer and we spoke a lot as I urged him to get his arts on Behance. I wish you all the best and please continue moving forward to better!
    Never stop improving yourself bro, I’ll be rooting for you over here. 


    #48 Eric 
    America (USA)
    A nice guy and I swear we could be nerds if it’s about game/anime pop culture. We even played super smash bros together one of the night on his Nintendo switch.


    #49 Momo
    A “male version of Bella”, he is super hyper and unique in his own ways and I swear he breathes so much life to the hostel. He is so gentle and caring and his jokes would always send guests and workers laughing. The aunties love him so much! And I met his husband as well.


    #50 Jon 
    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong Elderly guy, my regular breakfast buddy while in lobster. Jon and his wife look so cute together and both of them are traveling Taiwan together. Seeing him so sociable inspire me to be like him when I’m older. I swear he’s the most sociable guest in the whole hostel, and he’s in this late 60s! Let’s get coffee and polo bun if we meet in Hong Kong.


    #51 Luke
    A fellow workawayer who is here to look for a job. Loves apartment with windows and he shared a lot of his life with me, such as how he is settling and getting accustomed to his life here.
    I’m supposed to visit and check out his apartment on one of the day but sadly the stars didn’t align for that. And thank you for showing me that vegetarian restaurant! 


    #52 Calen
    America (USA)
    Hops between Japan and Taiwan and he’s learning Japanese at the moment. Like me, he’s a fellow dreamer with a million projects in his mind. I hope to see your music project come to life soon and please keep in touch! I wish you nothing but the best brother! 


    #53 黃智聖
    He opened a yolk pastry shop and he insists on me having his food because I didn’t prepare any and it’s my first time in Taiwan. And meanwhile, I insist him to take the snacks and crackers that I took from the hostels hahaha.
    Thank you for being the dad that takes care of me overseas! Hiking with you makes me want to hike with my dad too!


    #54 Rira
    I met Rira since we are doing laundry together and we spent the afternoon talking and exchanging our favorite music. Rira is supposed to come to Jiufen with me and the people from TYH together but she couldn’t make it as she wasn’t feeling well. But I’m glad that she got better after and manage to do her mini journey to Kaohsiung before going back. Stay in touch!


    #55 Typark 
    South Korea
    Met at night when I was about to sleep in the hostel. Loves football! He can’t do English and I can’t do Korean and we used Google Translate to talk for like 2 hours! Thank you for teaching Korean to me and it’s really nice getting to know you brother. See you in Seoul!


    #56 Joyce
    Pottery girl
    Lives in Taoyuan, extremely nice person and she loves Taitung so much that she probably been there close to 20-30 times. I love her stories and how she knows just almost every inch of the place. She’s the ultimate guide and she works at Shu’s pottery too. So it’s amazing how the universe brings us together. 


    #57 Puddin’
    Met this dancer at Yuanshan (EXPO) while helping out some university projects. We started chatting and decided to exchange contacts after. He’s a talented dancer and he would usually hang out and head over to events with his crew. We would be doing so many collaboration if I have more of my clothing pieces/time and it is nice to see him and his group so full of life hahaha.


    #58 Anne
    Refuse to know her real name and we actually plan to only exchange real names at the end of the whole journey. The odds? She’s an INFJ as well.
    And she is one of the guests who joined us on our outing to Jiufen! It is always so nice to have someone joining us on outings and day trips!
    The odds again? Subsequently caught her in Kaohsiung and Taichung~
    It is always funny how people thought we are old friends but I had only met Anne 2 weeks ago! And we became penny hunting comrades because this person could smell a machine from a mile away.
    Thank you for being such an amazing travel buddy and the elder sister that I wish I could have! And I thank you for taking care of me throughout the journey! 
    Please stop tripping yourself anymore ahahha!
    Stay happy!!


    #59 Frankie
    Met him while I was tidying bed and he was down with food poisoning from Bangladesh. We got the same sort of humor and we started hanging out after! I even gave him recommendations for his Singapore trip! I’m glad you love Spring Leaf Prata! I will definitely catch you for coffee soon! Not sure where, but definitely somewhere bro


    #60 Teresa
    A very nice and humble workawayer from Canada but she’s a Korean. She’s also an extreme foodie so she travels with a list of places to eat! It’s so much crossing out some places with you, Renee and Frankie the other night and I love the beef noodles and smoothie! It’s a pity that we didn’t have more time together but I’ll see you again soon! Either in Seoul or Canada 


    #61 Kim Minah
    South Korea
    She’s really bubbly and she probably has the most amazing laughter! I love how her tiger/vampire teeth would show whenever she chuckle and her eyes would light up at just about everything. We spoke via Google translate and she loves sunset so much as well. And she is a nurse! I bet she will lighten up the hospital and brighten up the patients day with her adorable personality.
    Let’s catch a sunset together someday!


    #62 Yu
    I met this guy when I was checking out Artland bookstore and his exhibition is all the way at the basement. This installation is easily one of the best ones that I’d seen. We spoke for quite some time and I decided to experience his installation myself personally when I locked myself in the cage that he created. It was an eye-opener experience to meet the artist himself.
    And we exchanged contact because he might be coming over to Singapore in the possible future! Let us meet up when you come!


    #63 小臨
    From Chiayi! Met him because Rayquaza appeared on Pokémon Go! I then Bought him to Hiro Hiro Art Space after and introduced him to the photographer for the event and Ling, and it’s really funny how those 2 are from Chiayi as well. He does tiling for houses and he’s a pretty busy guy, but I’m sure I’ll be able to see you again sometime soon when I’m here again. 


    #64 Chou Yung Chung
    The artists whose works are being featured in Hiro Hiro and I actually bought some friend over to visit that day. He even gave both of us a very personal tour and also sharing his personal stories with us, from how he ventured and journeyed to this art project and his childhood stories. I had a blast getting to know him and now we’re Facebook friends! I can’t wait to catch him again soon when I’m back in Taiwan :D
    Thank you for sharing your precious insights with us!


    #65 Yunki
    Jill’s Friend Shi actually came here to play uncharted 4 and also for her job interview. She is extremely fluent in Japanese and she is the ultimate gamer girl (probably could kick my ass in games) Fox and I would always hang out with her and we would watch her game in the lounge at night.
    You better be free the next time I’m in Tainan do we can hang out!


    #66 Hijiri
    Band player from Yokohama plays the trumpet! A really nice and bubbly girl that I bought to Ximen to do a mini-tour with Bella's sister and her friends. I didn’t know her name at that point until much later. Thank you for being so spontaneous and also helping me with the art wall. It is nice hanging out, talking about so much different stuff and I can’t believe you watch anime too hahah 


    #67 雅雅方
    I didn’t know she’s Bella sister until I told her that I’m at Taiwan Youth Hostel. Thank you for bringing you and your friend along to hang out, it’s truly fun to have dinner together, the four of us! Let’s hang out again soon, and let’s get Bella to come along too.


    #68 Zhao
    Hitched a ride with him! When we are stranded at Tian Liao Moon World. He’s really nice and he gave us a ride towards the town’s bus stop and from there we would have more buses to take back. Thank you for treating me the Red Tea you initially got for yourself! And you kept insisting us to take it ahaha.
    It is so heartwarming ride alongside with you on your 20year old pickup truck!


    #69 Mei and Jun
    A really nice couple from Kaohsiung who hosted me while I’m in Kaohsiung, they organized a lot of social events too. Like me, they too find joy in socializing and meeting new people. I love how they liaise with fellow hosts to bring surfers out together to meet up, hang out and even to local haunts.
    Thank you for having me and bringing me to all the amazing local places, Kaohsiung won’t be the same without you! And thank you for hosting my friends too (:


    #70 Yuji
    Fellow couch surfer who is also in Kaohsiung as well and we spoke for quite a bit. He’s a laid back and cool dude who has been to Taiwan multiple times! And his Chinese is pretty good too! I’ll see you in Japan, Singapore or even Thailand/Taiwan if fate allows!


    #71 German Colodro
    I actually met him and his girlfriend multiple tones as we had the exact same plans when we visit the fine arts museum and pier 2 after. It’s funny to see him the third time in Rueifang night market with the group and I even showed them the admission tickets and photos!
    It’s nice knowing you and your girlfriend heh.


    #72 Jeff Lai
    The first guy who knows shoegaze music, I know him when I booked a 2-bedroom dormitory and he’s my roommate. After what it’s supposed to be a greeting, we begin to exchange music taste! It’s funny how we both took turns to play music which touched our soul to each other throughout the night.  
    Oh if I remember correctly he’s a firefighter as well, and he even scaled several majestic mountains of Taiwan! 
    Let us meet and attend a music festival together soon!


    #73 Apoh
    Tattoo Artist, met her in the Tattoo Convention. Meeting her gave me a whole new meaning to Tattoo. Apoh Introvert as well, and we used to be at the same “hometown” in Malaysia! I love her bold artworks and she is such an amazing talent! I event "worked" at her booth while I try to get her more followers while we hung out. Thank you for sharing some artist space in Johor to me too and let’s hang out when you’re back here again! Or maybe if I’m going over to Kuala Lumpur! 


    #74 Howard
    I actually came across Howard while my friend and I are exploring the seemingly abandoned Qianyue building. As a lover of Urbex, I was actually really glad to have met Howard, who actually gave us a personal tour and a backstory to the building itself. A very talented photographer who does 360 Photography, Howard actually aims to give views an extra dimension through the lens by providing an extraordinary virtual experience. Thanks for sharing your amazing work with us!


    #75 Paul
    We decided to explore Zhong Xiao Road night market and had goat meat together. And he loves smoking ahaha. It’s a pity that we didn’t get to hang out the next day since I was in a rush but it is still nice to share and exchange Urbex places with you!


    #76 Chen Wan Yi 
    Bought me to breakfast at Morni who also later bring me on a little adventure to exchange money as I was running out of Taiwanese Dollars. Thank you for sharing your favorite cafe with me! It’ll be one of my go-to whenever I’m in Taichung.
    I’ll see you again soon(: 


    #77  張東居 
    Know him when I was trying to exchange currency and Mr. Zhang works as a security guard, even made me coffee and offered me snacks. It is really heartwarming and he was so so nice even though I didn’t change money at the bank after because we manage to find another bank at a better rate. I’ll see him and his family soon when they come over to Singapore.


    #78 Zhao
    My longtime postcard mate from 3 years back. We haven’t been in touch at all since forever but I’m glad we reconnected. And she is an INFJ too!
    Thank you for your kindness and I truly appreciate it! Don’t let anyone make you feel any lesser again and I hope you would truly be happy! You deserve a lot more than you think. 


    #79 Takuma
    Bunkmates in Tainan and we hung out a lot, invited him to dinner together with Zhao. We spent the night talking in the living area of our hostel and it’s funny how he insists on sharing his shaving foam with me because he saw me shave without one. He felt like my perfect roommate if we are ever in University together.
    It’s so nice to have dinner together with you and we have a lot to catch up when I see you again. 


    #80 Vicky (Yin)
    Met her and she bought me to Garden Night Market. I felt so comfortable with her and it felt like old friends when we just got to know each other. She’s helping her dad with his toy company while she’s looking to embark on some projects on her own. I love how she introduced me to BCP, and we even went to this amazing bookstore together. I definitely have to see you again whenever I’m back in Tainan!


    #81 賴玉寬
    Met her while we’re in the “shared cab”, she travels frequently back to Kaohsiung to visit her family. Introduced me to the amazing natural hot spring that doesn’t come with a sulfur smell. Thank you for being a part of my life, giving me a personal tour as we drove through Pingtung, Hengchun, and Kenting!


    #82 Cecilia
    One of the twins from Singapore whom I met alongside during the drive in our shared cab to Kenting. It’s their first “twin” travel and I can’t stress enough for them to go for more! 
    And… Guess her twin sister’s name?
    Adeline. LOL. (Yes, the name of my ex, what a sneak attack by the Universe)
    It’s a pity that we didn’t hang out for dinner because my Brazilian and Swiss friends would really love to meet you! 


    #83 Hei ge
    Big Brother black is the humble owner of the hostel that I am staying in Hengchun and he adopted a lot of cats. Like A LOT.
    He’s really nice and I love how we hung out and stargaze.
    In all honesty, one of the most heartwarming things that happened was us falling asleep in the couch to the sound of the waves and him bringing me out to the village for dinner after in a local diner.


    #84 Pascale
    Offered her a ride and she was the first person I ever pillion on a bike. We head over to Long Phan before checking out several other spots. 
    It’s also amazing to hang out, hitchhike, hike and subsequently, we met 2 Brazilian girls who became our friends!
    Thank you for sharing your pet peeves, quirks and stories with me! Let’s meet again soon! 


    #85 “813 Bossman”
    Had a chat and we would hang out in Singapore when he ever comes. Offered me probably the most expensive cig in the world. (450NT/stick)
    He’s the boss of 813 e-bike rental and he even gave me some extra riding time and allowed me to ride one last loop out towards Kenting new town as I ran an errand with his worker. It was a totally local experience while we zip and weaved through traffic as I was trying to keep up. 


    #86 Rafa
    I met Rafa and her friend while we are hitchhiking. Rafa and her friend Maria are here on a trip while they are here in Taiwan for exchange. Rafa is really fun loving and really nice to talk to! It’s nice to hear about the different cultures, opinions while we talk about our home. All of us hung out at the beach later before they go and I hope I’ll catch you and Maria again soon when I revisit Taipei.


    #87 Maria
    She is one of the other girls that I met along the way in Kenting. She loves planning and I decided to help her and her friend plan their trip in Kaohsiung!
    I even introduced them to my Kaohsiung Couchsurfing host and they became really great friends and hung out after. I am so happy for you guys.


    #88 Zhang
    I met Zhang and her friends when they gave me a ride down the mountains of Kenting recreational park. They are vegetarians and I swear she didn’t even look 70/80s. One of her friends is even in her 90s! 
    I was doing a thumbs up along the road when she saw me and she actually thought I’m complimenting cars on the road ahahaha! 


    #89 Hazel
    We both had to wait for the train and decided to spend the day and then taking the train towards Taitung together. She’s actually the first person who asked me what number she is and got me counting. Lawyer to be, love arts and she’s a Cancerian as well. We are eerily similar at times and that’s probably how we weren’t bored despite being “stuck” with each other for half a day. We actually parted ways after and I randomly ran into her in the streets of Hualien someday after!
    Let’s always keep in touch and we will go to visit some art spaces together soon!


    #90 Kyra
    I can’t believe I’ll find someone so similar to me. We broke the same way, and our journey is also surprisingly the same as we have to head to Luye as well! We had fun hitchhiking, sipping whiskey, watching movies and having junk food.
    We both also have the same love for indie music and she’s the first person who knows “I mean us”.
    She gave me a really heartwarming postcard right before she left and I gave her an English name, Kyra.
    I will see you again, definitely, one day. And let’s hope we are happier now.


    #91 Erin
    One of the most naive and innocent person I ever met. She went to Green Island and stayed in a tent. She’s so adorable and innocent that you would wish she could be safe from the darkness of the world. She actually is really concern with the quality of the air after watching a documentary. She became determined to help make the world a better place and took up environmental studies where she helps improve the quality of our air while reducing unnecessary waste. 
    I have to see you again in Taichung hahah!


    #92 Ibu
    She’s the first aboriginal Taiwanese that I met and I was so so so excited when I see her. Because she’s interested in the aboriginal heritage as well, I manage to uncover a lot of information from her. She is also the kindest person I met on this trip as she spends her time volunteering to help the people from the aboriginal tribes. 
    She is also a studying education in Taipei and I think we will see each other again, soon, right?! I hope you won’t feel irritated with me bombarding you with questions ahahah!


    #93 Roy
    Boss/manager of Pisces hostel, that I stayed while I’m in Taitung. Really, really, really funny guy. Seeing him and his friends remind me of my boys back in Singapore. They would always go over to the hostel, hang out, play console games and vape. It is the simple things that make them really happy. He’s planning to come to Singapore maybe sometime soon and of course, we have to hang out! For real :D 


    #94 蔡大嫂
    Met her as we both missed the bus to Taitung station and I decided to show her the magic of hitchhiking!
    She felt like my mum and she’s so caring as she texts me for updates and also asked me to take good care of myself. 
    And her son is a diving coach in Lan Yu, so I’ll probably be taking a lesson with him the next time I’m looping the country heh. 


    #95 Chen
    A very kind auntie who gave us a ride in the station. She helped me unlocked the best record for hitchhiking with 3 minutes! It’s funny how she decided to give us a ride because her assistant have issues parking and she has to get down and take the wheels. And they are actually outside their place but she even went out of her way to send us to the train station!


    #96 Emma
    Met her and her friend and we did board games night together in Hualien. It was truly an impromptu decision but I had a lot of fun with them. She and her date seem like a really sweet couple! She had this really adorable bubbly chuckle that left an impression.


    #97 Crystal 
    The Lady Boss of the Hostel in Hualien that I did workaway with. Crystal is a really nice lady and she’s really flexible to work with. She does have a lot of business ideas and projects that she works with. It is really delightful meeting you and I will see you whenever I am back in Hualien.


    #98 Ah Shin
    Ah Shin is Crystal’s mentally disabled Brother. It was really emotional with me for this one because we connected despite us not having any much conversation. We would always take care of him over the day sometimes when Crystal dropped Judy and Ah Shin over before leaving. 
    Ah Shin loves hugs, so I really hug a lot with this guy here! Judy shared so many funny stories of Ah Shin to me and he is one of the funniest and amazing person that I met.


    #99 Judy
    The caretaker of Ah Shin. She came over here and have been working and running various side gigs along the way. She’s extremely hardworking despite being on the slow pace city. It is really heartwarming to see her video call her niece and her sister Everyday and she has been working really hard to help send some money back to her family. It’s been a true pleasure knowing you and thank you for sharing so many of your stories with me. 


    #100 Zhang
    I was bunking with him for a handful of nights before moving up to the 5th floor. We didn’t really have a lot of time interacting as he was usually back late and I am usually up early. However, we still do manage to make conversation and even shared a variety of food places in Hualien with me! 


    #101 Peggy Lee
    I met Peggy whilst I was checking out this artistic store in Hualien and it is always nice to come across likeminded souls while you’re traveling.
    I actually gave her a few more recommendations for the city before I go, and I’m glad we met :D


    #102 Pastor Lee
    I chanced upon Oikos and decided to come up. I was about to leave, but instead tried to find out what’s this amazing space from and that’s where I met him. He made me a cup of heart-warming coffee while he shared with me how coffee could be made. 

    He invited me over to their farm excursion tomorrow but it was a pity! It’s still really nice and thank you for the card and coffee! I’ll love to see you again soon.


    #103 Janet
    Another person that I met while I was in Oikos. She’s working and staying in Hualien with her husband and daughter for a while now. It was an amazingly small world because she actually knew Crystal when I was sharing with them which hostel I am doing my workaway at! And the funniest thing? They are really close with each other! 


    #104 Ami Tribe Pastor
    A very friendly guy who hung out with us alongside with Janet and the other pastors! He is a very funny guy who actually love to joke! He doesn’t really look like locals and he actually said he is sometimes stopped at the customs because of his beard! 


    #105 Mixed-Truku Tribe Pastor 
    I met this other Pastor over my coffee session with Pastor Lee. A gentle giant with a kind soul, we talked about Okios and how they are all under the same “umbrella”, where they serve and do events for their “cell group”. Even though we didn’t really talk much, we hung out for coffee.


    #106 Art Girl
    I met this amazing girl when I was entering 地方下, and she’s the one taking care of the space. She actually explained a lot to me about the art and we exchanged views and opinions. We even exchanged art places and I never thought we would be talking for around 2 hours until her closing time.
    She is also the legendary girl who explained “kua xing” to me (you’ll know if you’re actually seeing this).
    Thank you for your kind recommendations and I wish you the best in everything that you do!


    #107 Eddie
    A shopkeeper at Hualien daily, we actually met after I came up from 地方下 because the space caught my attention. 
    Not only did he googled recommendations for me, but he also did introduce a lot more local food stores instead of “touristic” ones. It’s thanks to him that I go the authentic and local 包心, instead of the tourist one. Thank you so much and let us stay in touch! See you in Japan/Singapore one day maybe!? And this time let’s grab a beer too!


    #108 Charles
    Charles is a really special guy that I know on my way to Taroko. We actually spoke while we are waiting for the first bus.
    He was limping and I thought he had a bad leg. I stayed with him and we decided to hang out and explore Taroko together. He was too considerate to constantly ask if he was slowing me down but he isn’t at all. We then exchange story and he told me about his tragic car accident which landed him into a long term coma and then now he is so lucky to be alive.
    I like how he is so positive, how he mentioned that he felt like he is living his “new” life now and how he felt reborn. Of course, he does have the dark thoughts prior, like why can’t he just die and many others, but I’m glad he walked out of all that darkness and conquered the abyss.
    Charles, I wish all the best for you and I’ll always be here to help if you ever need any!  I’ll look forward to seeing you again, and we definitely have to hang out again! Definitely!
    Thank you for teaching me the most important lesson of living, for making me feel lucky and happy to be alive too.


    #109 Mothip
    I met Mothip prior, however, we didn’t connect until now when we both actually met each other at Taroko when I was ending my loop. What are the odds right? The best part? We are both looking to go to Qingshui cliff tomorrow and we decided to hang out the next day.
    We rode out early in the morning and even dropped in to do a quick hike at Taroko before I head back. I had a blast and it’s really nice reconnecting to you Mothip. I hope you’ll enjoy your exchange here and let’s stay in touch!


    #110 Utopic: Angles & Carlos
    These adorable Spanish boys are my workaway mates and It is truly nice to get to know them where we talked and hang out for dinner before I left. They have a lot of travel plans and I can’t wait to see them embark on all of them. And for the best part? They love hitchhiking too and they mostly hitched hike too, with the longest one in Taiwan from Tainan to Hualien! Despite the language barrier! 
    They carry ALOT of maps with them and that is truly cute hahaha, they are probably one of the most interesting people I’d met and let us hang out when you are stopping over at Singapore! 


    #111 Joey
    This funny guy is really friendly and he is an amazing host, a great friend, and a heartwarming father figure. He married a Vietnamese lady and he even offered to host me if I’m ever going over to Vietnam! I’ll look forward to hanging out whenever I’m in Hualien and never stop chasing your travel dreams! Thank you for sharing your regrets with me, and please please please make your way to Spain soon! I’ll see you around Joey and all the best (:


    #112 Liting
    I got to know Liting when she’s over at Taiwan Youth Hostel for a performance and that’s how we met. She’s a funny and cheerful singer that breathe life to the crowd and she’s always very interactive. It is really nice knowing you and even though I didn’t get to exchange a lot of stories, I still enjoy our light chatter before I go! I will see you soon, okay?!


    #113 Vincent 
    Vincent is the first workaway that I met when I’m back to Taipei and we all went to hotpot together with Sofie, Ryan and her friend. Coming from France, Vincent is a true traveler and an fun buddy to be with! We chatted, joked and even went out for movies with Fox on one of the day! And he’s on the way out to Penghu for a week or two after, and I can’t wait to hear about all his stories and adventures!
    Stay in touch buddy! 


    #114 Alice 
    South Korea
    I met Alice on my first night here and we hit off right away! It is always nice, coming back to my second home, reconnecting with the people here and also meeting new ones. I never know Alice and I would have so much in common, and we love the same type of music, and bizarrely felt that we don’t fit in in our city. It’s funny when we felt the same way.
    It is really nice that we have a day out where we visited art spaces, go to a local night market and take walks around the street! Thank you for making me feel that I have a Korean sister (though you’re staying in Taiwan now)
    I’ll never forget you and thank you for being such an amazing soul! I will see you soon sis!


    #115 Man Xi
    Pingtung, studied in Tainan and later moved to Taichung with her boyfriend, Man Xi is a baker and an aspiring entrepreneur who’s working 3 jobs!
    She's really hardworking and she is the true essence of hustle. She is also a true talent despite her petite build, so this lady isn’t somebody to be reckoned with! Keep going and loving what you do!
    I’ll catch you at Taichung heh~ 


    #116 Min
    One of the person whom I invited to watch Renee’s performance, she’s here with 2 other friends and we became friends. I also gave her some recommendations for Taipei. And she studied graphic design! I didn’t see her after but we will still keep in touch! I’ll see you around soon Min :D


    #117 Poon
    Manager of a Vet Shop which she co-runs with her ex-boyfriend who is now her close friend! We shared the story of Alex Face with me and we went graffiti hunting for a bit!
    Thank you for sharing so many other things with me! I will see you soon! Take good care of yourself (:


    #118 Chen Jia Pei
    An upcoming nurse, she’s currently practicing in NTU Hospital, probably the best and most well-knowned hospital in Taiwan. We both exchanged quite a bit of our sob stories despite our bubbly and chirpy conversations. Maybe it’s because we’re both Cancerian, but we are way too emotional sometimes. It’s interesting and nice to be vulnerable sometimes and I think that’s where human would really connect with each other.
    Thank you for all the cakes, and pastry that you have bought back to share with me! You are truly a kind soul and I am so glad to have met you! I will definitely see you again, soon! Oh, we were actually only a wall away from each other because I’m at C7 down and she’s at B10 down (TYH people would get that), and we end up knocking on the wall to communicate!


    #119 Liz
    America (USA)
    I met Liz after Urban Nomad when I was heading back actually. It was a rainy day and she was stranded in the rain, trying to get a cab.
    She’s been staying in Taiwan for 10 years as an English teacher. But that’s not all! She’s also a stage actress, a burlesque dancer and she also makes her own costumes too! She also belonged to a troupe where they do gigs together! And it is nice how she love urbex too!


    #120 Denny (Ernest Friend)
    Denny is here together with her wife to be and Ernest my elementary school buddy was there to help them with their wedding photo shoot. We hung out for supper, together all of us while walking around Ximending.
    He’s a really funny guy and it is nice that he enjoys traveling too! I can’t stress enough the importance of being a traveler instead of a tourist. I’ll see you around back in Singapore bro. Always be happy heh :D


    #121 Enni
    I was looking for Enni for around 48 hours because I was dying to find out who’s the last workawayer who have been here. I thought her name was spelled Annie, but I only realized that it is being spelled as Enni much later.
    Enni is a pure foodie as she loves good food and she does know her stuff when she has things to cross out. Alongside with Alice and Jay, we actually hung out till 5.30am to try out the legendary soy milk store. Thought I couldn’t really tell much difference since I eat to live, it was still a really good experience and the journey is a fun story to tell. I will see you again soon! or in Malaysia! 


    #122 Emma
    “Does Singaporean swears a lot?” This is one of the questions that left an impression from meeting Emma. She was in Australia for 3 years and she was dating a Singaporean guy back then. The guy wasn’t really nice and the relationship got toxic and abusive. I apologize on the behalf of all Singaporean guys though.
    But the part on swearing did get me thinking as Singaporeans does swear a lot. Like almost in each of their sentences. I decided to stop using profanities as much as I can after that, hoping that I’ll stay civilized hahah. Thank you for taking time off to hang out, and please take care of yourself, and may everything works for you.


    #123 Yin  
    Met this amazing travel blogger while I was working during the morning and we spoke! She really does know her stuff and I like how she did her vlogs with a go pro and final cut.
    Her talents aren’t all just about blogging, do you know she used to DJ as well?! She is probably the most popular person that I ever met actually!
    It is a pity that we didn’t have enough time together but I am sure I will see you again, somewhere!


    #124 Annie 
    I met Annie in Shilin and she took me around! We went to her “go-to” spicy cold noodles and that actually really changed how I look at cold noodles because I stay away from them after eating a tasteless version in Seoul. She even bought me around the night market, bring me to my favorite Prince Cheese Potato <3 and we also went prawning!
    I had a blast and the night couldn’t be any more perfect! She wanted to invite me to her company happy hour on Friday but it is a true pity as I am leaving on Thursday. It is really sad but I’ll definitely see you soon when I come back!  


    #125 Elad
    Elad a friendly Programmer who quit his job to travel across Asia because he wasn’t too happy. It’s nice to meet someone who actually has the courage to leave and it is truly the easiest thing after you left.
    I took him out for dinner alongside with Alice as he’s new here and we bought him to walk around the streets while introducing him to local eats.
    He even joined me and Jacob for some midnight chatter and I can’t wait to hear back from you again!


    #126 Caitlin
    Funny accident prone foodie despite having a love for nature and hikes. She could flip anything that comes in her way including an ATV! Also, a committed MapleStory player who actually has an amazing story behind her guild! (In Tainan)
    We met for dinner and hikes with people from my hostel and she even joined us for a night prowl at the night market and we cycled back together.
    She is very comedic and funny, and the things she says throws me off AHAHHA! I swear she could do stand-ups!
    I will see you soon, definitely Caits! And have fun in the rest of Taiwan for me :D


    #127 Jay
    South Korea
    A talented musician who shared guitar tips with me. Our humor and chemistry are on the same level and we are equally crazy! We had so much fun and laughter that day and it’s a pity that we didn’t see each other around the hostel sooner. I know Jay would always get my back and we would be total badass if we are friends from college from high school, getting into trouble together because we can be alittle crazy! We stayed up alongside with Alice and Enni for breakfast and we had such a great time together, the 4 of us!
    That’s not even the best thing, because he’s coming right over to Singapore next and we will hang out! And I can't wait to see him again! 


    #128 Venus 
    Hong Kong
    We saw each other a couple of times and we finally have time to connect over the afternoon because of the major earthquake.
    A very nice and soft-spoken lady Venus felt like the friend that I’ll feel comfortable with even if the both of us sit together in silence in the library or a bookstore while we’re in our own world. I haven’t asked her, but she felt like an introvert to me as well! 
    Oh, and she really loves cats! Check out her adorable kitty Instagram at @Gutgutlala!


    #129 Bruce 
    My “Uncle” from Taipei! We share this really weird and quirky humor and he could speak really fluent Japanese as well. He works from the hostel and he’s been here since almost forever (a yearish).
    He’s a programmer so I actually got him to sign in code for my slippers! (a workawayer tradition that I came out with) 
    It is funny how we’re always laughing and joking but we only have the "realest" conversation just when I’m about to leave. But I’ll catch you real soon Bruce! 


    *list might be edited due to failing memory



    <The Icing on the Cake>
    (The Staff of TYH)

    I’m sitting on the plane, still feeling surreal of my journey which actually felt like a long beautiful dream that I wish that it could’ve lasted longer. The people I met here is too amazing and words can’t even describe how lucky I am to be able to be a part of their lives and for them to be a part of me as well.

    They are the perfect icing on the cake for my journey and here’s a shoutout to all the amazing soul of TYH. 


    Thank you for making my journey such a beautiful one and I never thought I’ll find home a thousand miles away. 
    Thank you for all the dinner dates, the movie outing and the night outs to the night markets and what not.
    Thank you for the heartwarming perks, the late night chatter and the laughter and company that warmed up my broken soul. 

    So here’s a little something for each and every one of you.


    #130 Ryan
    The Papa Smurf of “Couch Kittens”, our group of friendlies over in Taiwan Youth Hostel. He is in charge of operations around the hostel and he makes sure all of the workawayers are well taken care of.
    Things were really polite at first until we started this whole tough love act. It started out as a joke, and it actually bought us a lot closer and now it is our “inside joke”. Ryan is like a true brother to me and he is one of the best connection that I have formed throughout the trip to Taiwan.
    I hope you would be able to realize your dream of owning a hostel soon and I'll love to come to help out as well ahahha! and I'll bring my friend along too (you know what I mean Ryan ahaha)


    #131 Quentin
    If Ryan is the “Rick” (walking dead reference), then Quentin would be the “Glen” of the group. I wouldn’t come over here if not for Quentin’s generous and heartwarming offer to have me then allowing me to use my off to go right over to attend the Pingxi festival. I will miss this guy because he left when he accepted another job offer as he has to move on from working in the hostel. It is a pleasure meeting you and I’ll miss your jokes and humor! See you again, definitely!


    #132 Morris
    This genius polyglot is a little too soft-spoken and humble. He could speak pretty fluent Spanish, Korean and Japanese and he doesn't even show off. But after he opened up, I found nothing but a really warm and gentle giant in him. This guy is a brother and I’m really glad to spend afternoons with him. I will see you soon, everyone else and this time you should doa movie night with us! 


    #133 Jill
    Probably the “coolest” and “chilliest” girl because she can’t be bothered for so many things. I was trying to tease her/make her angry (sorry) and she didn’t even winch after I hide her mouse. Despite being such a tough nut to crack, she’s always here to help if I would ever need her! Thank you for being such an amazing friend. You're always so helpful and funny ahahha~ Lets hang out with everyone else when I’m back again next time.


    #134 Fox
    I got a lot more closer with Fox once we started talking about Arts, and I swear this guy is way too humble! He did real estate, carve sculpture and marble, paint, and even fix airplanes! Fox is a true brother and he is like the older brother who’s always taking care of me. We always exchange our life’s story over the day and night and we would have supper together, having heart to heart talks into the wee hours.
    He is really kind and he would buy food for me and the other workawayers. He is a true inspiration and did I mention he’s an artist too!? He drew most of the art in the Hostel and I’m really honored to be a part of his artwork on his “wall”
    See you again, Foxing soon!


    #135 Allison
    If we’re in high school, Allison would be the girl that I’ll always bully for pure fun or I’ll drag her along if I’m ever up to any mischief because I know she’s too afraid to tell on me yet she’s too nice to say no. And yes, she’s an actress as well! In mostly performance arts. Thanks for being such a nice sport and have fun with me and the fellow guests! Keep doing what you love Allison, and I’ll love to watch your performance one day when the stars align!


    #136 Alice
    So Alice, Jacob and I surprisingly got closer after we had a late night chatter together as we exchanged stories from our past. She’s too nice and friendly sometimes, probably my second target of bullying if I’m there long enough.
    Too bad we didn’t get to see each other a lot but I hope will be seeing a lot of you soon! I hope you'll always remember me with butter toast and sugar! 


    #137 Bella
    I called Bella the social Pikachu because she’s 24/7 all time high always. She have got so much energy and I couldn’t even know where she got them from. She always warmed my heart up and it’s nice to see her squealing and running into the arms of the fellow staff when she got back from Hualien.
    She’s always so young, and free and seeing her makes me so happy all the time! She has the perfect vibes! Thank you for the cake and the amazing time, I would never forget you! Lets go hiking together for real next time! I would love to do Yushan with you! I will see you again Bella! 100%! :D


    #138 Chia
    Chia is a really nice lady who worked at the hostel as well! She bought her boyfriend and her friends over to join us at the arcade hall and it is fun having them all around! I wish I could have know them abit more because the night ended pretty early the other day. I will see you again with everyone else when I’m back.


    #139 Ginger
    The manager of the hostel, I actually mistook Ginger for a guest prior. She’s a really nice lady after she opened up and she was the one who taught me how the LINE Official Account work and even treat me to a drink at the hostel! I wish I could have hang out more with ginger and the other staff actually because it’s a pity that I didn’t get to really know every single one of them!


    #140 David
    I was so embarrassed that I addressed David by "random guy" at first! Being the Bossman of Taiwan Youth Host, he’s the reason why this place exist and I couldn’t thank him enough giving me a home. Because of this place, I felt so much love, so much positiveness, so much over everything that makes my world brighter, better. I caught him twice for calligraphy classes even though I was about to head out on both occasions. It’s a true pity that I didn’t have enough time with David and I do wish to have more time to pick the brains of the guy behind the hostel.
    I will see you back at home again David, definitely, back in Taiwan Youth Hostel.


    #141 Jacob 
    Jacob and Jay are the night shift people as they do the graveyard shift of the hostel (from 11 to 9 am) Jacob loves Slam-dunk and he would really dive deep right into comic books (manga), he literally could just be in his own world sometimes ahaha! So since Fox stays over on some nights, we would spend nights together, chatting, eating, joking and probably sharing our life stories. He’s a true brother too and thank you for sticking out for me, always! Lets hangout when I’m here!


    #142 Jay
    Jay would usually cover for Jacob on his days off and because of that I don’t get to see Jay very often, however, I do hang out with Jay and Fox on nights whenever he’s here. Sometimes we would be doing our own things, sometimes we would put up a movie or other days we would do supper together.
    He’s a really nice and friendly guy and of course, I’ll look forward to seeing you again, definitely!


    the longer you stay in the darkness, the more stars you would see!
    these are the people whom I'd met and we manage to exchange contact despite not having much time to connect and exchange stories.
    These are the people that I would never forget too.

    Ally & Shane
    Hong Kong & Canada
    I met this amazing duo while I was checking out Whitestone Gallery and they gave me quite a number of recommendations and we exchanged contacts after!
    It is a pity that I'm still in Taiwan when they visited Singapore, if not I would love to hang out! Let's stay in touch and I hope we would get a chance to meet or hang out soon!

    Met her while I was exploring Chiwen Gallery and together with Chiwen they shared alot of amazing art spaces with me! Thank you for your amazing recommendations! I will definitely drop by Chiwen soon!

    Met Tony from Toronto and he is here for awhile as he is working as an English Teacher after moving to here. 
    We spoke for quite abit ever now and then! I'll see you soon when I'm back in TYH Tony!

    I met her just as she's leaving and she's looking to learn English! So I also decided to introduced Instagram to her for traveling and also shared a couple of tips with her! We exchange contact on Facebook and I hope I'll see you soon too Hali!

    We met in the hostel and we exchanged contacts because she's into arts and museums as well so we connected in Instagram ahaha!

    Nana (@inked_nana)
    Amazing Tattoo Artist who gave me ALOT of goodies over the tattoo convention! I love her art! Even though we didn't connect much, I still would never forget her!
    I will definitely see you whenever I come to Japan (Tokyo!) And congrats for winning the grand prize in the tattoo convention! I'm so happy for you :D

    Fangyi (kum)
    Met her over the socializing table and we exchanged contact!
    I would love to hear more of your stories soon!

    Brian Kuo
    Met him at Asia Art Center and we exchanged socials after he gave me a really amazing person tour around the gallery! I'll see you again too when I'm back!

    Hong Kong
    A hostel and food reviewer from Hong Kong! 
    It's a pity that we didn't have time to connect much but lets stay in touch!

    Met her at the gallery and she recommended me her favourite art space, double square! I'll check it out definitely!

    So with that, this closes my chapter for Taiwan, 2019.
    I’ll still be churning contents and hopefully, I’ll be able to get most of them out despite the artist block.
    To the people that I’d met, thank you for being real and allowing me to be me.
    Each and every one of you is so unique in your own ways and all of you added your colors in my life.
    And my journey would have been different without anyone of you. 
    So, thank you for being you. All of you <3
    & I hope this could inspire more people to go out there and see the invisible beauty of traveling.
    Traveling is not just about places and things.
    Don't forget about the amazing people you would meet.

    ^shamelessly praying that you people could share this so that more people could feel the beauty of meeting people during their travels! 
    People I Met proceed to evolved into an ongoing travel collective of mine, which I write about people I met, travel and connect with on a deeper level.











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