The Night Markets of Tainan

    Yes, it is how it works over here in Tainan.

    Even though some of them across Taiwan opened only on weekends, it is unique that the 4 Night Markets of Tainan actually worked together to open on different specific days so that there is a night market opened throughout the week!

    Decided to come out with this post to share since it’ll be something good to know for people who are planning to visit Tainan! 

    Here are the opening times and hours of the Night Market if you have to know!

    Monday: Dadong Night Market
    Tuesday: Dadong Night Market & Xiaobei Night Market
    Wednesday: Wusheng Night Market
    Thursday: Garden Night Market
    Friday: Dadong Night Market & Xiaobei Night Market
    Saturday: Wusheng Night Market & Garden Night Market
    Sunday: Garden Night Market

    Do double check their details and opening hours before you go so you won’t end up wasting your time and feeling disappointed.

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