The Goodburger

    "I'm going to take you to this burger place okay, you just follow", Aaron assured me as I complained about my tiring schedule to him, telling him I need a break. My leg's been sore from all the door knocking, and sadly I can't seek solace from alcohol due to my regular medication.

    This has been a place where Aaron tried to introduce to me before but I laughed it off, not in a mocking way. But foreshadowing the word mock; yes we're in for some mock meat burger today.

    We headed to Tan Kah Kee station, and I was actually awed by this place as it was the first time I'd been here. I took some photos, and I felt like a tourist as I wandered across this part of Singapore that I'd never been to before. The Coronation Shopping Plaza looked like a place away from time, with sleepy residents doing their shopping. The lady at SG Pools was lazily dusting the empty counters while her cardigan was dropping over her shoulders.

    We walked on, further in as he pointed towards the food truck, saying "here it is".

    The Goodburger Burger Place Singapore

    In front of me felt like yet another experience, right out of this space. Music started getting louder, and I could recognize Katy Perry's California girl playing in the background as I was looking around. The color scheme of yellow and black starkly resembles the theme of Irvin's but also felt unique in its own way.

    I like how the color theme actually goes really well the burger itself. From the packaging to the color of the cheese, the sauce, the burger itself. Everything seem really well executed especially the meat. The texture was "unsuspectingly" meat. It has to be! "No way!", I exclaimed bite after bite and I could feel the feeling of the beef burger brought up to me by my mirror neuron.

    The GoodBurger Singapore Menu

    It was impossible, to tell (literally impossible burger), that this is made from anything else other than the poultry itself. We had the classic burger, and thanks to burple for the 1 for 1 promo, we actually got this at a real steal, only setting us back at SGD$12.50 each. A whopping double patty beef burger, together with fries and a can of coke.

    The Goodburger Food Classic Burger Fries and Coke

    The fries were made to perfection. Definitely up to my standard. And speaking of fries, for those who love soggy fries would be in for a treat later as I'll be covering COEXIST, where I'd found the best soggy truffle fries to date. Back to it, it was an amazing experience, one definitely different as we looked at the people working in the food truck right out of the movie "Chef" as we eat on the portable drums and bar stools.

    The idea of the Food Truck is always amazing and hipsterish, with the whole portability concept, it is like a campervan that dishes out food as you can imagine lines of foodie queuing for the likes of limited edition/rare food as if we're capturing the rare moving pokemon. I could only ask you guys to come to try out and let the meat speak for itself. The cheese is made just right, melted enough to blanket the patty while giving it a soft tender touch that creates the "melt in your mouth" effect.

    I'd really come back again, or bring a company or two just to surprise them. The Good Burger is more than just any goody two shoe burger joint, as aside from going sustainable, packs a serious punch to your taste bud, leaving you all confused but wanting more.


    Name: The Goodburger
    Address: 587 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269707
    Opening Hours: 11am–9pm

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