Tenya Singapore

    It was another one of these days with my fellow foodie friends. It’s really indeed how people always mention that Singaporeans love to eat. It really seems like it!

    After wading through the crowd and almost getting lost, I was more distracted by the mos burger instead. We manage to start queueing and it didn’t take us too long to get seated despite being a weekend.

    Tenya Singapore Interior

    We were all flipping through the menu, being spoiled for choices as they all look so good. I personally couldn’t decide between the rice and the noodles. In the end, I decided to try out the limited period Aomori Tendon.

    Tenya Singapore Aomori Tendon

    It always amazes me how tempuras can be so crunchy. They made vegetables taste good, they made pumpkin taste amazing (mind you I’d got nothing against pumpkin, in fact, i love them). The prawn as usual tasted really great, the crunch of the Ebi makes it the perfect tempura go to. The others are less than shabby as the crunch and the flavouring felt just right. The chicken felt like those normal fillets but I do love the tenderness of them.

    Tenya Singapore Food

    My friends sang numerous praise for the udon, but the game-changer for me was actually the gravy. The gravy really has a flattering texture to the rice and also makes it less dry to swallow. That’s also beside the great complementing taste.

    I guess Tenya Singapore have a lot of brand popularity when it comes to local Japanese foodie, but as a burger and fries lover, I was actually looking forward to trying out the truffle fries but it was not available on that day. It was a decent experience with some real crunchy tempura, but for me for now this felt like the same levels from tempura Makino. I suppose local tempura lovers should give this a shot if they’re ever looking for noms in around Ion.

    Name: Tenya Singapore
    Address: Orchard Central & ION Orchard
    Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm


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