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    Taiwan Travel Plans Goal BoardAfter a lot of planning and reading, I’ll be trying to conquer all 14 cities and 8 festivals, hopefully, more. It’ll definitely be a tough feat while I'll be trying to backpack across most part of Taiwan.

    I have somewhat planned out a rough skeleton of what I would be doing. The Cover image is actually the promotional image of my "goal board".

    I might be doing less of Urban Exploring due to the time constraint and also I didn’t manage to find a community to connect with. The Facebook group for Taiwan’s Urbex only share images instead of a community space and I didn’t manage to find anyone who’s into it as well. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong places.

    Moving on, I will continue to uncover as many hidden gems as possible to share with everyone. I'll also be looking to get my youtube set up so I can get ready my vlog project along the way as well.

    I actually purchased a sound recorder for my audio project but I hope it’ll come in time as I am planning to feature audio recordings of places I have been, people I have met, to immerse readers into the different cities.

    And by using audio stimulus, I hope to create another layer of depth on top of the writing and media project that I would be working on.

    I have written to several organizations and also Tourism Bureaus to share my project plans with them. Fingers crossed, but I’ll definitely be down for any collaboration without any expectation. 


    Here are some contents that I'll be working to create during my time here.

    @ Website:

    • Articles on Attractions
    • Articles on Cities/Counties
    • Articles on Hostels/Places I am staying at
    • (New Series) Writing on people I have met
    • (Artistic Project) HER: Cities & Counties
    • (Artistic Project) Soundtracks of Taiwan

    @ Instagram:

    • Image Posts
    • Instagram Stories Covering Cities/Attractions/Events

    @ Youtube

    • Weekly "Vlog" to Summaries Weekly Journey
    • Cities/Festivals Highlights (If Applicable)



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