Swan Boat Ride at Ueno

    "I know this might sound cliche, but there's something romantic that I'd always want to do", I said as I tried to sell her my idea.

    Swan Boat Ride Ueno Park

    The romantic in me was awaken while we're together and while searching for places to visit in Tokyo, I chanced upon this interesting experience that I'd really love to try. You know those old-romance where couples goes for boat paddling, the ones that works like a bicycle pedal, but you're on a boat? Yes. That.

    "Yes yes"

    "What if we fall in? we can't swim?!", she exclaimed adorably.
    ^this phase would actually stick with me... for a pretty long time.


    The place itself isn't difficult to find, Ueno Park isn't exactly a labyrinth as well. We found the place pretty effortlessly and before long we're on our way to our own swan boat. The name of the area is actually called Shinobazu Pond, if you need to know.

    Swan Boat Ride Ueno Park

    It's interesting to note that alongside with us there are only 2 more pair of locals hanging out here. 2 high school girls, who're chatting with each other but their eyes are on their own phone screen, and a mother and son who came on. We manage to interact with the adorable son as he waved at us and we waved back, shouting hellos and konichiwa!

    Swan Boat Ride Ueno Park

    Well, it's hard to write about... Okay, trying to find the words for it. It's a nice experience definitely, but I'd say it's a good place if you have some time to kill and you wanna be out in the nature. This is actually as goood as walking around a park, but being in the waters is a great change of environment. Even though it's a huge lake, we kinda get bored after a lap or two, and we spent the rest of the time actually people watching, and trying to run our boat towards herds of ducks tryiing to disturb them like kids. We initially thought that we need more time at first, but 30 mins is actually alittle more than enough. But i'd definitely beg to differ if we actually had some great deep conversations. It's mostly just laughters and vlogging contents; and she's mostly making me pedal for my poor life.

    We didn't exactly get bored of the place, but y'know when you'd seen enough and you move on. That. Looking back it's still something that I'll do again if I'm ever at Ueno.


    Name: Shinobazu Pond
    Address: 2-1 Uenokōen, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0007, Japan
    Opening Hours: 9:30/10:00 to 16:30/18:00, depending on the season.

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