Sunset on the way to Tainan

    Some locals actually told me that I’m able to take the limited express trains without a seat as long as I’m standing/taking the seats that aren’t taken. I decided to do it on the way over to Tainan from Taichung when I noticed our red firey comet running alongside with us.

    I was sitting at the steps as I was on a limited express train, but seeing the sunset actually made me stand there for the past 30 minutes. I saw the fiery comet coming together with us as we ride alongside the town. It is really nice that we are not in the city for the sun would be hidden away from view. 

    Sunset Tainan

    The train seems like a dragon which was chasing the oriental flaming ball as if playing with its favorite toy. The train and the sun played cat and mouse as I saw the sun drifting down into the distance.

    The train chased on, as the sound from the tracks gave life to the mechanical dragon. It was an amazing feat to watch the train travel across the skies with the sun. 

    It was a short sunset as the comet disappeared from view as it dipped behind the architecture. And the dragon just continues on its way as if it is all just a dream. I smiled at the skies for giving me yet another sunrise to keep.

    Now I have one more story to tell of the Sun! And I can’t wait to meet Tainan (: 

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