Sunset at Saigon, District 7

    It was an early evening when we got back from Lotte Mart.
    Back to this amazing apartment that has been my sanctuary for these 3 days, my buddy has been really accommodating and I cannot be thankful enough.

    As a budget traveler (really budget, I swear) After his recommendations I gave in and decided to spend on something extra to pamper myself, and I got myself an Iced Vietnamese Black Coffee from Phuc Long.
    And man, they are really good.
    I love how thick the black coffee is, as dark as smog, and how it went really well with the ice.
    And because of its richness, the ice cubes didn't even water down the essence of the coffee.
    It's amazing.

    I went to take a cold shower to escape the heat before chilling under the aircon while watching movies with my boys.
    We do that sometimes since we usually head out early like 9 am, and the sun hasn't been really friendly.
    And riding on a bike for the whole morning and afternoon could leave us feeling really sweaty and sticky after a half day of adventure.
    After feeling refreshed, I decided to walk out to the balcony,

    I stood there for a while, admiring the late afternoon view from district 7, namely "Korean Town" as they are famous for housing a lot of Koreans.
    This place is filled with them, and I'm surprised that sometimes the locals find the Koreans a little too... noisy.
    They speak really loud, they litter sometimes, and they spit almost everywhere.

    I went back to the movies after taking a moment, and after a while, I peered over to the clock and over to the windowsill.
    It's 5.30 and the sun is going to set.
    The traffic honks go in random and I could see roads runs the distant lands like a labyrinth.
    In front of me were several apartment estates that are neatly stacked across the road like the houses on the monopoly boards.
    My eyes traced along the roads as if playing a maze game.

    And there, I wonder how many of them have taken a step back from the bustling city to spend time with the sun. To admire the amazing sunset that people didn’t even realize. I watched the sun sank down the clouds. The started by painting the skies in hues of reddish orange, spreading across the skies before the area slowly gets smaller and smaller as it swirled into the horizon.
    It is as if I’m watching the tail of the beta-fish swimming down into the ocean, leaving a bit of orange and red before it swam completely into the horizon.

    I took a time lapse this time, hoping to capture the moment, as I stood and watch the skies slowly turn into a beautiful hues of blue. And one by one, the building starts turning its light on as if it’s time for them to light up the cities, like the stars.
    Even though Ho Chi Minh could be pretty well-lit, it might be quite hard to gaze at the stars from the cities.
    However the city lights are still beautiful, as I starred across this beautiful cityscape, as within each tiny windows have a light on its own, and within each tiny windows tell a story.

    So what's yours?

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