Summary of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

    Below is a brief summary of my adventure in Saigon, yet words can only describe the experience so much.

    I’ll try to squeeze in as much as possible in this hopefully bite-size write up.
    Close your eyes, let me bring you to Vietnam.
    Here’s how Vietnam sounds like.
    I headed to Saigon on a 6 days trip to find one of my friend who’s posted there.
    A brother, who actually is kind enough to let me stay over at this place.
    Little did I know I would be facing in love with Vietnam within this 6 days.
    I enjoyed taking the bus, even though they’re really surprised that I did it.
    With google maps, I managed to find the bus stop, communicated using simple English and gesture, and before I know it I was zipping through the traffic in Vietnam.

    Locals come and go, and I adore those little conversations that I have on board, even the fleeting smiles or hellos.We visited the Central Post Office, where I spent some time writing and mailing postcards to every single one of my loved ones, the War Remnant Museums which opened my eyes to the world and the Museum of fine arts, where the museum junkie in me finally gets his fix of arts.
    As an artsy person, I was guilty (not really) of pulling him to come along to 14 Ton That Dam where we visit the amazing Man Tu Zen Tea, 42 Nguyen Hue where we zip through the aesthetically pleasing cafes that cluster themselves around the abandoned building, the streets of 26 Lý Tự Trọng, where all the hipsters hung out at. I’m surprised that there are so many more hidden gems in Saigon waiting for me to discover.

    Albeit the commercialized and tourist markets (An Dong, Binh Tay, Ben Tanh), we found ourselves stumbling upon the aquarium streets and pharmacy streets that is tuck in a random corner around the area. Thousands of aquarium lights lit up the street and watching the locals going about their daily lives really allows me to take a dip at their culture.

    We also ventured and explore district 1,5,6,7, checked out their Chinatown, hung out for drinks with his colleague and his girlfriend who also played great hosts. And sometimes at night, I’ll head to the pool deck to get my fix of the white noise and night breeze while I’ll read and write.

    Food is amazing. I couldn’t express anymore how everyone should try Vietnamese food.

    Yes, the authentic local ones whereby you sit in knee-high tables and chairs where you have your great coffee/ice tea while watching the world pass you by with a tinge of smog/dust from the motorcycles weaving through the streets.
    I had several authentic foods, from Pho Ga, Banh Mi, Bun Cha, Chao Ga, Banh Beo Hue, Cha Lua to Pho Tai Vien, and many more.
    The list goes on and I’ll definitely look forward to trying out more Vietnamese cuisine the next time when I’m there. Everything taste really rich and colorful and your taste buds would be taken to an amazing ride of spiciness, sourness, saltiness, and sweetness. The range of taste extends to such a huge spectrum.
    And the comforts of a soupy noodle never fails to warm you up inside.
    And the coffee hits you really hard. I never could tell what makes an expensive coffee even though I drink the Americano, but Chiang Rai’s black coffee set quite a standard.
    But Vietnamese Coffee topped that easy.
    I’m no caffeine addict, but you should really give it a try if you’re ever in Vietnam.

    There are always stories to be told, tales to be written.
    Maybe they’re all stored in your mind and heart.
    But they’re all definitely worth visiting every once in a while.
    And I’ll definitely revisit Vietnam again.

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