Soka Art

It was a bizarre experience at Soka Art. I was peering over at its enticing neon light scene while my umbrella was trying to block off most of the rain.

The neon lights actually remind me a lot of LUMAS back in Singapore. How the blue neon light contrasts almost perfectly with the space silver. It wasn’t open when I was trying to get in and my rattling actually got the attention of one of the staff who let me in.

Soka Art

We spoke for a little and the next thing I know, she was scribbling bands/songs that I “demanded” her to listen. I made her wrote down 3 songs anyway.

Soka Art Center

It was a pretty funny experience while she introduced me to this 2 story art space with a middle-level lounge at 1.5F where people could chill and even read some art books.

Name: Soka Art
Address:  No. 350, Section 2, Tiding Boulevard, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, 10491
Opening Hours: TUE-SUN (10AM-7PM)

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