So I Bought A One Way Ticket to Taiwan

Airplane WindowIt is as it is.

My heart was alive when I was making the purchase and I was also actually pretty cheapskate to sign up for Scoot's Insider to rake in that 15% off. I was actually having some issues syncing the KrisFlyer account with Scoot for the past hour until I gave up.

I decided to just buy the ticket anyway. I could feel the sweat beads forming at the bottom of my palms as I nervously hover the mouse to make the purchase. Scrolling through the purchase page, not buying any extra baggage, rejecting the insurance offer, I decided to not choose the seats too and let fate place me at where I should be.

I finished up the payment process and I heave a sigh of relief.
I had finally plucked enough courage to push myself to go. Somehow it actually felt a lot easier after doing that.  

My mind starts playing all the possible scenarios as this trip would totally spell unknown. I begin to then slow then, and arrange my thoughts in order, telling myself since the air ticket is done, right now I'll have to align the Workaways, check out which are the highlights that I am going to hit, ready up my bucket list for this trip for this journey is coming in about 2 months.

Throughout this whole one-way trip journey, it'll serve not only as a chance for me to explore the world of traveling, but also a chance for me to write. And over my trip, I'll work on my unfinished pieces over my past travels and have them up as well. I'll also work on myself, trying to get connected with my inner self, the one who yearns to wander.

I love to tell the stories of my Workaway, of my voyage.

"I can't just go travel"
"sorry this is just too much"
“travel so long, fun meh?”
“why go over there to suffer”

These are usually what people whom I had met say when they say they been wanting to travel, but can't. So I hope that over this journey, not only could I inspire individuals to not be afraid to live their dreams, but also to be daring enough to take risks. If you never try climbing over the arc of the rainbow you'll never get any chance of reaching that pot of gold.

It is always, not as difficult as you deem, as our insides tend to overexaggerate failure to keep us safe. It is of course instinct, to keep us safe, in line, so we don't go breaking what's not broken. And just that our mind love hogging onto our comfort zone, doesn't mean we shall never grow. 

With this, I'll start writing about my journey while traveling and doing Workaway in Taiwan, chronologicalizing the chapter of my Workaway stories and adventures. 

Hopefully, my story could inspire you who are wondering if it is an impossible feat to start living your dream.

“Go. Chase your dream wildly and relentlessly, and never let them go."

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Heh, Thank you!
You too! Hope to see more of your travel stories soon~


Jiayou! :)

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