Premium Jangin Dakgalbi

    “OMG HELLO!”, I exclaimed at Alice who held out her arms for a hug. Alice was my coworker back in my time over at Taiwan and we had grown to be really close with each other. And yep, she’s a Korean, and yep, she speaks really fluent Chinese and English as well, and yep again, she’s the perfect tour guide.

    The trio of us was walking across the ground as she decided to bring us to Gangnam, a place where most young adults hang out. Beneath the posh image, Gangnam is actually an amazing place for people watching and coffee! It was hard trying to talk as we wade through the crowd, and the cold weather makes me want to keep my head and until we are indoor. The cold got me pretty jumpy as we are walking to the food area where Alice had shortlisted 2 places where she’ll like to bring us to.

    “Ahh, do you guys know Dalgakbi?”, Alice said after asking us a series of question. She smiled and nodded as if that would be the answer to where she’ll bring us since we both looked at her bewilderedly, asking her what that is. “Do you love cheese?”, she smiled and turned, only to find us nodding anxiously back at her. “And... chicken?”, she asked again this time half laughing. “Yes!”, I said while my brother nodded and chimed in. “Okay, then let’s go to this!”, she said before turning around to lead the way.

    Premium Jangin Dakgalbi Korean Food Interior

    There’s a decent amount of queue but no way I’m heading out to fight the cold again. The absence of tourist only makes me wanna try this one out more!

    Alice then showed me their local hashtags in hangul that foodies in Seoul usually used. With Naver being their primary search engine, it is no doubt that Googling would only get you the more touristic food places to go instead.

    The menu is actually tourist-friendly, or rather foreigner-friendly.

    Premium Jangin Dakgalbi Korean Food Menu

    We got a set of Dalgakbi and a bottle of beer to chill with.

    Premium Jangin Dakgalbi Korean Food

    I’d finally got a taste of heaven in the spine chilling cold. As I could taste the semi-melted Cheese together with the chicken! The South Koreans have always got away with cheese, from the tasty cheese ramyun to the cheese pork cutlet. You’ll find yourself looking at the dish in awe as the melting cheese stretches itself like elastic at your touch.

    We got caught up with the hostels, while we exchange stories about each of us from there. She’s back in Korea, studying, and I’m back working before heading to South Africa and UAE. Talking to her makes me realise how I love travelling, to be free, of judgement, of toxicity, of the environment that forces me into the mould that I’ll never fit or be happy in.

    We were so so so close to go for a second serving and dakgalbi became our favourite food since there. Robs and I actually went to another restaurant for seconds before we head back to Singapore! but then again this is probably one of the great Dakgalbi restaurants so I’ll just share on here! The best remedy for cold, and what’s the next best thing to go with a chilled beer? Dakgalbi!


    Name: Premium Jangin Dakgalbi
    Address: South Korea, Seoul, Mapo-gu, Donggyo-dong, 1층163-6
    Opening Hours: 11:00 - 24:00

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