People I Met: Couch Kittenz

    Sophie and Steve are the first batch of workawayers that l had met and they set a high bar for me. Calling ourselves Couch Kittenz with pride, I daresay these 2 are definitely family. (Ryan and Fox you boys aren’t forgotten and never will be)

    You know those friends whom you can be comfortable with and do nothing with? Yes, those are my guys. Not that we don’t do anything, but we enjoy having movie nights, sitting together chatting about just almost nothing, heading out for food and just about anything.

    Steve is probably like my best mate. The guy who got all of my jokes and the guy whom I can go all out with. After an awkward lunch walk with him when we first met, we hit right off the bat right after the CKS tiles hahaha. And we have been really close ever since, hanging out just almost everyday whenever we have time together. I love how we could get personal and exchange stories so comfortably. I never know that I'll find myself being so comfortable with someone of a different ethnicity, but meeting Steve proved me wrong.

    Sophie can into my life abit later. Only a day or two later. She was actually the first one I saw when I came into Taiwan Youth Hostel, and I immediately know she's a fellow introvert. Yep, it might be hard to believe, but I'm an introvert. We started talking over the days, it took us a while, but it didn't get too long. I love Sophie's voice, how she is so talented, and I always wish the world could see her for who she is. She has this unspeakable kindness and innocence, that you wish she'll never get hurt.

    I love how the 3 of us would wait for each other to be done and even help each other with the work if any one of us is trailing behind. I adore the culture we set within ourselves and this should how workawayers should be, looking out for each other. I have seen groups who went off doing their thing right after they’re gone, hoarding onto the only wireless vacuum and the list goes on. But with Sophie and Steve, I always know they’ll get my back, like how I will get theirs. I think this sets a really high bar for the workaway culture that I feel, and I love how it felt like family with them.

    I love and always will miss our lunch together before we embark on our own plans or if we’re hanging out. I love just sitting there, doing movie marathons, or even just heading out to get food, walking around the streets, running errands. There are just so many things that just made me appreciate every single thing that I have with them. And those are my family, my brother and sister, that'll always hold dear to my heart.

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