People I Met: Aaron

    Though this post should have been long written and posted, I didn't manage to complete it or really get the gist of how I should go about writing this collective.

    Through, "People I Met", I actually would love to write about the people I meet/travel with over my journey. And having said that, Aaron and I went way way way back, when we first met each other when we are 11. So, that pretty much tells you how long it was, 16 years. So we headed to Phuket, and believe or not, it was our first time traveling together.

    Growing up, even though we're both introverts, I'm actually the noisy one among the both of us. I am probably the type of introvert that becomes more active/loud when I'm comfortable with somebody, which people always mistook me for an extrovert.

    I was bitten by the travel bug, but I wasn't too much of an adventurer back then, so Aaron sort of planned the trip and I just follow suit. It is nice playing shotgun and has things laid out, I'd assume. But I was alittle too passive back then, though I was really into Loi Krathong, and event that we attended knowing that it coincidentally falls on our travel dates.

    So you know those loser duos in the typical coming of age movies who are trying to get laid, not be a loser or do something epic? That's pretty much Aaron and I throughout the years, minus the getting laid. And I'm probably the loudmouth or class clown who can't shut up. Besides, Aaron's probably one of the nicest male species I know who isn't a visual creature, and he is genuinely nice, so... I'm pretty lucky to have him in my life.

    We still stay in touch to this day as we're well... friends. We would hang out for beers and a meal or so every few weeks/months. We run together every now and then, and his words would forever whenever I'm getting beat up from clocking the long distances. "Completion is Key", he would say, and this sends us for a long way. After everything, I'm looking for finally complete a marathon this year, so perhaps when the stars align and if I keep it up, I'll be able to.

    So hopefully we'll be able to go on more adventures and force each other out of our comfort zones! It's been an amazing journey thus far and even though time can only tell so much, but having a friend sticking out for you for such a long time, does really calls for something.

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