National Design Centre

    National Design Centre

    A stone throw away from Bugis MRT station, or rather just across the street from Bugis Junction/Bugis Library/Bugis Plus, lies the much underrated National Design Centre. Their sleek architecture might not speak much about what's inisde, and it really does serious injustice to what they have to offer.

    Inside NDC stands several exhibits, creative office working spaces, an array of shops serving your fashion and gastronomic needs (yes. FOOD). Local independent brands filled the retail spaces so you don't have to worry if it's gonna be too touristy. And you would never run out of souvenir ideas when you’re ever here.

    National Design Centre Inside

    The exhibitions run around from the atrium to their second storey and there are art spaces and office cubicle lot that is clustered around the area. It doesn't take you long to figure out while circling out each storey to find out what goes where.

    You could even access the top floor from the lift and if you could find your way to the outdoor stairway, you'll be rewarded with a decent instagrammable OOTD space.

    Pop by the National Design Centre if you would like to enjoy art in a less crowded environment and take that minute to cool down from all the crowd banging while chanting "excuse me" in Bugis Street.

    Address: 111 Middle Rd, Singapore 188969
    Opening Hours: Mon-Sun (9AM - 9PM)

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