Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

    I headed over here early and found myself over at the Louvre Museum at around half past 11. The weather is pretty cooling and we are expecting some rain over in the evening. I love the sleek and the cool of white against the pale neutral greys. 

    After a bag check, getting tickets and I’m in! The ticket comes at 63AED, but I can assure you that it’s worth every penny. The museum itself comes with a huge gallery area, together with a children museum that changes its theme yearly. There’s also a pop-up exhibition area together with an art installation. 

    Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Gallery

    I took a break at “chapter 6”, as I clocked my halfway point with much fatigue. I headed outside to get some fresh air, a croissant, and an Americano. This is pretty much brunch for me since I haven’t eaten anything. The wifi is amazing, and I find myself watching a bit of Netflix while I enjoy the beautiful view and coffee.

    Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Cafe

    Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

    I resumed my pace and found myself going through the other half this time, feeling a little better. It was a fantastic experience for me as I had never literally spent a whole day at a museum before. On top of the 12 permanent galleries, they also do have some pop-up exhibition space for temporary ones. Right now at this time of writing.

    Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi Children Museum

    Another thing to note is the really cool children’s museum with interactive games to intrigue the kids. This children's museum is a permanent space but they change their set up annually. I was even given a really sweet tour by a Moroccan staff over here.

    Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

    Strangely, I’m able to go without food as long as there are art spaces and I found myself wondering around here till 6pm. I left this space wishing that I’d more time actually and I never thought I’ll be able to literally spend a whole day here. 

    I never thought I’ll be so sure that I’ll visit a museum again, but for the Louvre, it’s gonna be 100%

    Name: Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum
    Address: Saadiyat - Abu Dhabi
    Opening Hours: 10AM–8PM (TUE-SUN)

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