Kite Beach by Meraas

Aside from the usual JBR beach comes the La Mer and Jumeirah beach. And besides, that comes the kite beach. This beach is a quiet one compared to several others as there are significantly lesser people compared to the more famous ones. I love how there are a variety of food trucks lined up in this one and it felt like I’m somewhere in the western countries (because of food trucks).

Kite Beach Dubai

I decided to fly a kite since it is called a kite beach and boy did it took a while for me to find one. I went to the main shop at first and they told me the kite is for 130AED?! Are you kidding me? Intuition actually got me walking out to the random grocery shop outside.

“Err Hello, do you sell kites?”

“Yes we do”, and he started walking towards the kites

“How much?”

“10AED, big ones for 15AED”

Bingo. I took the small one, thank him but only to find out the wooden stick is too weak upon assembling. I walked back and both of us are fixing the kite and I told him we should make the stick shorter so it doesn’t bend that easily. He’s nice enough to play sport and help me tape the broken stick together.

And I really did manage to fly it.

Kite Beach Dubai

I walked the kite for a bit, being proud, flexing my seemingly useless kite flying skills shamelessly. I pranced around the beach to the end of the food truck area before I effortlessly descent the kite before holding it just before it touched the ground.

Kite Beach Dubai

That summarises my experience at the kite beach. I took brunch at JJ’s before embarking on a crazy 6km walk towards the artistic avenue. 

Name: Kite Beach by Meraas
Address: Kite Beach - Dubai


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