Jimmy Liao's Moon bus

    I grew up with Jimmy’s books. Since 13, I read almost all his books that I could find in the library. Some of them are too tough for me to understand. For others, I rely mostly on his illustrations to tell the story. I even conjured an open letter prior to my trip, because there is so much more than just the Moon when it comes to Jimmy. 

    Jimmy Liao Moon Bus Taipei

    I entered the bus and I was instantly greeted by the “beary” cute bus driver. Music played in the background and lights of several colors flashed across the deck of the bus while I walked in awe. His art and merchandise are everywhere.

    I love the whole bus, the very coziness of the bus with benches on the sides. Poetry is printed on the windows, giving us a melancholy touch. It is what it is, and it is the Jimmy Moon Bus. He's one of the most famous artists/poets in Taiwan and I love how his installations are all over Taiwan, and this Jimmy Moon Bus might be one of his most famous yet.

    Jimmy Liao Moon Bus Taipei

    The mythical music blared on, sending you into the pages of fairytales, his books that conjured his whimsical imaginations from lightyears away. The child, the moon, the fox, the hare, that girl, everything. There is also a lot of his art across at the back. We spent quite a while on the moon, walking around, taking photos and we like how quiet it is as we have the whole bus to ourselves.

    Jimmy Liao Moon Bus Taipei

    We then left the bus, however even though we are still at the very same place, we exited the bus feeling alittle different, having our world changed by this magical moon bus. Come hop on and let your imagination take you to places if you're ever around! The Moon Bus is just around the corner from the Taipei 101, also the Xiangshan is very walkable from here as well.



    Name: Jimmy Moon Bus (幾米月亮藝術公車
    Address: No. 100號, Section 5, Xinyi Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 104
    Opening Hours: TUE-SUN (9AM-9PM)

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