I stopped using our Hokkien Profanity

    "KNN, CCB"

    This is one of our most famous profanities, used widely by Singaporeans alike.

    Such unique profanities don't extend to just Hokkien, but we do have them in several other languages due to the diversity of culture too.

    "do Singaporeans always used vulgarities?"

    I for one, wasn't really proud of it, even though I myself used to be such a prominent "ambassador" for all you have to know.

    I used to spew profanities in almost every sentence and I talk like the "typical Singaporean Bengs"
    (Ah Bengs is what we used to refer to a guy who behaves like a Gangster, mostly uneducated)

    However, I found myself behaving a lot more civilized whenever I travel.

    Possibly because of the people I came across, as I have to force myself to speak properly and enunciate my words appropriately whenever I'm conversing with people from all over the world.

    Gone were my Singaporean Accent/Slang, and my Singlish was nowhere to be found as well.

    I love the "newly found" me.

    I never thought I could behave like a decent person and, never did I thought I could hold myself properly.

    After meeting my Taiwanese friend who spoke to me about how she'd seen Singaporeans abusing vulgarities, I am more determined to get rid of my bad habit.

    It's been a while since I'd been back, and I'm proud to say that I'd changed. Even though I might have slipped my tongue and say it once or twice, the number of profanities had drastically decreased. I'm both happy and proud of myself at the same time. Little did I know that one day I'll stop using the legendary Hokkien profanities that had been embedded in me since childhood.

    I'll still recount my story every now and then, hoping to get more people to join the cause.
    If you're ever reading this and you're thinking of changing yourself, don't give up!
    It's definitely possible.
    Coming from the guy who's been using them every day, I'm glad I'm much more civilized and well behaved now! Hahahhaa!

    P.S. I do still use the F word, but nothing more apart from that :3

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