I saw you again.

    Stationary, staring into space, not knowing that I’m looking back at you.

    Nope, you’re not animated.
    You’re in a poster.
    Your modeling gig put you on some of the largest billboards in Singapore, and your ghost will only relentless haunt me.

    I’m numb.

    I starred back at you half hoping you’ll stay back.
    I starred back at you wondering if you ever missed me.
    I starred back at you and I wish you’re happy.
    And I starred back at you wondering how it could have been.
    And I starred back at myself, as the Black reflective surface show myself me.

    How much I have grown over this time.

    Maybe I’ll need pills to tell me how to feel. 
    Maybe the scars would never heal. 
    Maybe I’ll never escape the never-ending strings of depressions. But I’m slowly trying to undo one knot at a time.

    We can’t undo the pain we had caused each other.
    But I’ll never undo you.
    Given a choice, I will still walk with you again. Even though it’s not forever, but 10 years is still a neat fraction of my life.

    Even though our whimsical journey has come to an end. 

    I hope you’re happy. 
    And I want you to be.

    And I want to be happy myself too. Eventually.

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