HER: Osaka

    Osaka is a girl with an edgy personality. Her Dotonburi jacket covers her O.C. tee shirt, and she wore a huge number of bracelets, from USJ, Kaiyukan, Tsutenkaku and afew more.

    Our time was never enough, as we spend several nights out wandering along Dotonburi, playing pachinko together as I saw her eyes glow and light up amongst the pachinko lights. I love how we stay out together, as we munch on an array of supper. Yep, Osaka is that perfect supper buddy and you’ll be surprised at why she doesn’t put on weight despite all the food that she’d eaten.

    I had my ups and downs with Osaka. As bizarre as it sounds, I won a mini pachinko jackpot, whereby I was taken to the tuc shop with some gold to exchange for money. But on the other hand...I actually lost my favorite cotton travel buddy there. I almost lost my mind. I was so close to hating her, for taking him away. That night, I fell onto her lap, curling up, and crying. I wasn't muttering anything, my mind had nothing but heartbreaks. I cried. I really did. Because for once I felt that I had fucked up, I can't even do a simple thing. I could feel her soft hands running through my hair, ruffling, why soothing my broken soul. That night... I felt so comfortable, yet uncomfortable at the same time.

    I decided to try finding him back, and it was another story to tell, as I went on a long journey of searching for answers, only to find out that the answer is to let go. We went out to a theme park after, as I decided to just stick to my itinerary and keep going forward, the magic of Hogwarts lifted my soul for a little, as I numbed myself with all sorts of magic and tricks Diagonal Alley could offer.

    It has been awhile, and he hasn't been found. Part of me visualized the life he could have on his on, part of me smiled bitterly at losing him here. Part of me would always look around whenever I'm at Dotonburi again, hoping to catch him when he's up to any mischief again. And he would always live in my heart, and I'll always keep a lookout for him around the streets whenever I am ever in Osaka.


    On our last night I decided to take Osaka out for ramen before I go. We head to the booth ramen, slurping the heartwarming soup for the last time before I head off. Osaka decided to bring me across the streets again, to walk across the urban neon lights parade once more, since we'd some time to kill. 

    "Anything you feel like doing before you go?", Osaka looked concern as she asked, as if she knows I don't feel like leaving until I'd found my cotton buddy.

    "Ummm, I think I'm okay", I said, knowing that I have to move on and move forward.

    "You know, sometimes, they say... we give and take. Everything is meant balance"

    "Hmmm, balance... In the Universe?"

    "Everything... we believe that what goes, will come in another form..."

    "Ahh.. I hope so..."

    "Yes... don't be too sad okay...", she said while resting her hand on my shoulder gently. 

    "Thank you, Osaka.", I held onto her hand and turned around as she slowly let go.

    "Write to me if you need anything okay??!", she gave a thumbs up and said, 

    I bid them goodbye, Osaka and my little cotton buddy. It is like I left a part of me there, though bittersweet, but nevertheless beautiful. This is probably, the best place for him to stay, and maybe... be free. And one day, I could be like him, where I exist within the paradox of being lost, but how I found freedom, in one way or another.

    "Are you going off now?", she asked.

    "Yes", I looked away, trying to hide my tears as I bid one of my favorite city and my cotton buddy goodbye.

    "Be happy okay?", she said as she tiptop and run her hands across my hair again, for the last time before I go.

    "...", I looked at her, my eyes on the verge of tearing again, while half-smiling.

    "We win some, and we lose some. Sometimes we have to make do and be happy. And next time I promise I'll cook something for you okay! I will write to you if I found him, and I will be happy to mail him back to you!", she smiled at me, and this time it is as if I could felt her emphasizing my pain as I could see her eyes turned alittle watery, or is it the Sun?

    Well, that I would never know, as I smiled and wave goodbye as she hugged me for one last time before walking away. And that night, I dreamt of them bidding me goodbye and I woke up with a smile on my face.

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